Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Looking for something more out of the ordinary? Go Birmingham! “More Magic than Ever”, that’s Birmingham’s surprising motto. And the city lives up to its name by constantly renewing itself. Much has been done in recent years to modernize the center and new attractions and restaurants are springing up like mushrooms! This is Alabama’s largest city. It is a pleasant city that is located approximately in the middle of Alabama and where there is plenty to do. The city owes its name to Birmingham, England, which was the industrial heart of England for a long time.

Pittsburg of the South

The city was founded in 1871 after the American Civil War. Alabama bounced back and slowly the economy got better and better. The state began to industrialize more and more and the production of iron and steel became an important part of the economy. Because of the emphasis on these products, the city is also known as the Pittsburg of the South. In the northern Pittsburg, the industry is also centered on the production of iron and steel.

Birmingham in history

Raw materials such as coal and iron were mined around Birmingham. These products were used for the manufacture of steel. This made people want to live closer to the city and cities like Birmingham grew explosively. This city was nicknamed ‘Magic City’ and for good reason.

In the early 20th century, the city’s population grew so rapidly that Birmingham became the largest city in the US in one fell swoop! A little over 300,000 people live in the city and the population continues to increase significantly every year. Today, Birmingham still counts in the business world and is considered one of the largest business centers in the country.

Things to do

Birmingham is without a doubt a typical southern city where conviviality and hospitality are paramount. You can enjoy the gastronomic delights of the southern cuisine, namely the well-known grill and barbecue restaurants, take a cultural trip or perhaps a nice game of golf on a beautiful golf course just outside Birmingham! Whatever you do, it’s up to you!

Birmingham Museum of Art

There are a number of museums in Birmingham that you can visit. One of the most interesting is the Birmingham Museum of Art. The museum has an extensive collection of 15,000 works of art, making it one of the largest museums in the area. It is a very popular museum where you can view works of art from all corners of the world. The foundations of the museum date from the beginning of the last century and in 1951 the museum was opened almost completely in its current state. The museum is located to the north of Birmingham city centre.


The permanent collection of the museum consists of African, African-American, Asian and European works from different eras. In general, the entrance to the museum is free, but in exceptional cases a fee is charged. The museum also has changing exhibitions, one of which was very special. In 2007 you could admire a large collection of remains from Pompeii here. This special exhibit featured original pieces from Classical Antiquity that survived the volcano’s eruption.


This beautiful museum has a library that is open to the public most of the day. Most books are about art topics that you can also find in the museum itself, but you can also find catalogs here. For the bookworm, this is very interesting, as it is a premier library and the largest in the south-east of the US.

Birmingham, Alabama

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