Boots Win the Sweepstakes Floris Van Bommel Advent

Boots Win the Sweepstakes Floris Van Bommel Advent
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Van Bommel has now since 1734 as the Shoemaker family, in which the high art of the Schusterns from generation to generation, has been passed down now in the ninth. In the manufacturing process, in which only the highest quality materials are used, each shoe is subjected to 280 various special treatments.

So far, the label convinced consistently with an exceptional nobility, which never lacked a hint of creativity. Now which has even the honor to serve the Dutch Royal family, went with Floris van Bommel the youngest and at the same time also one of the most creative minds of those traditional family, see the designer. As the creator, he is in the school of this highly respected Dutch men’s fashion labels. Making shoes is fully and completely the centuries-old experience of this famous factory. Floris van Bommel earns, thanks to his creative and outstanding compositions, the name of his family: he creates a uniqueness from a pool of creativity that has style, with classic and modern look and trendy items. More about Floris van Bommel there is here at the fashion Insider read and we also have a great selection Floris van Bommel shoes in the fashion Insider shop, if you want to poke around a bit.

We come to our advent calendar contest:
We have gotten by Floris van Bommel of pair great boots in size 44 and may now be giving away these!

Understated vintage look, the classic suede: be persuaded by this unique piece which meets all expectations of the label of Floris van Bommel. In a stylish composition, the designer mixes the elements of classic Mr. ankle boots with a subliminal trendy touch to the Brogue-elements. Ideally suited for the fall and winter. Suede is the safest style material of the autumn Mr shoe in our days, fitting on the most occasions and jewelry for every outfit. Some call the suede ankle boot even the tip of the winter season. Lyra punch, thick sole, the use of high-quality leather and the fineness of the rough leather are only some aspects of the high quality of this copy.

“Lara” by Floris van Bommel has a more modern facet of the designer. Modern, trendy elements reveal a more robust touch in these boots. He is a superb and stylish composition that moves on the edge of the classic Mr shoe and is the appropriate choice for numerous and different occasions. Perhaps for the weekend away better suited than for the city, especially in the warmer season: but let them not be fooled you. The high profile depth this copy is very robust. Van Bommel masterpiece is marked by excellent quality and workmanship, according to the family tradition of the centuries-old manufacture. With Floris van Bommel, you always make the right choice is guaranteed.

And so you can win one of two pairs of Floris van Bommel boots:
1. become a fan of the Fashion Insider on Facebook
2. leave a comment on our Facebook page or here under the post – best equal to the desired model. Available options are the dark blue model in the who by €349,90 or the Brown model worth €239,90 – both in size 44.

If you known the sweepstakes you do, where the contest Tweet retweet or the sweepstakes-pin repinnen or Google give a + 1, you will receive an additional lot for each of these activities, that increases the probability of winning.
The winner will be determined on 15 December 2013 to 23.59 at random and written and informed via Facebook. Good luck!