Brussels – Modedesigntalente in the Heart of Europe Part 1

Brussels – Modedesigntalente in the Heart of Europe Part 1
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Brussels was long on my towns wish list. That’s why I couldn’t resist as recently also Belgium Wallonia-Brussels Tourism international journalists and bloggers has invited the city and their fashion scene to explore. Together with Isabel, Masha, Mary and Frank, Jonas, Klaus, I eagerly started towards Belgium. The girls from the Agency had put together a great program under the slogan “fashion in Brussels”. Meet and greet with Belgian designers, guided tour of the hippest fashion district Dansaert, financial statements presentation of the fashion school “La Cambre” at the cultural centre of Les Halles, and my personal favorite program point: much free time for your own discovery tours.

Very unusual for me, I decided virtually unprepared to undertake this journey. I wanted to surprise me on my first visit to the Belgian capital.

Outside Belgium, Brussels is known first and foremost as the seat of the European Union and NATO, as well as of the Belgian Royal family. That the city has become in recent years the fashion center and shopping Mecca I had been previously hidden. Now, she has taught me a Besserern.

Brussels has become one of the most fashionable addresses in terms of fashion. Designers aspiring young from all over the world, pull yourself about her education at the famous la Cambre fashion school to attend Saint Luc and Francisco Ferrer, because it there relaxed and unconventional, as at other schools in the famous fashion capitals. Here one must conform to any trend. Young creative talents provide new impetus with an exclusive vintage, retro and avant-garde even in Brussels. Everything made and original “made in Brussels”.

The Rue Dansaert in Brussels under town is enlivened by a young fresh fashion scene, in which the small fashion shops between cafes and restaurants have found their place. Brussels invites you to go shopping and the charm that emanates from the old buildings is simply indescribable and unmistakable. All Brussels seems to be a single great fashion show.

Just a few metres from the Grand place removed, one finds many elegant shops which invite you to stroll around. However, PIs is really much los in the well-known Saint-Jacques district, next to the Manneken. There you can find the really freaky vintage and also second hand stores.

In the upper town, the international Nobel brands have found their seat. Avenue Louise, you will find a large selection of fashion and accessories, where you can hardly pass go in shopping malls and designer boutiques. But here not only the fashion has become the number 1 topic, furniture and accessories from cheap to luxury accommodation are available. This is reflected in the numerous bars and restaurants and also the entire streetscape. Even the hotels are decorated according to the style of the Belgian designer.