Can the Fashion City of Munich Compete with Paris?

Can the Fashion City of Munich Compete with Paris?
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Munich can long look back on a fashion tradition. Moreover, the fashion scene of the metropolis is currently like seldom before in the upturn.

Expedia reporter Theresa Schwab took this as an opportunity, to participate in the Bavarian State capital against the fashion metropolis Paris.

In the Expedia fashion duel of the underdog is represented by Julia Karthikeyan, Editor at InStyle, in the cosmopolitan city living in Paris by photographer Emmanuelle Bousquet.

Why Munich can calculate chances:

The Bavarian capital is a fashion Mecca of in Germany. While many of a battle between Berlin and Munich going out, famous fashion designer Susanne Wiebe describes the relationship of the two however applicable with

“Berlin is the showcase, Munich the order place.”

Renowned designers like Escada or Balmer have built up their existence not only to the ISAR metropolis, but are still here situated. To be added numerous young designers and small studios of fashion. Together, they ensure that is Munich developed to the most important order place of Germany.

However, not only quantitatively, also high the Munich fashion scene is inimitable. While Berlin relies on street style and extravagance, the Munich fashion impresses with its style and elegance. At the same time she also neglected individual and not loose fashion, how many Streetstyle blogs an impressive document.

  • Renowned fashion schools such as the AMD Academy of fashion and designthe Deutsche Meisterschule für mode and the ESMOD allow support and high-quality talents education.
  • The fashion trade fairs of the town speak a clear language: the ISPO MUNICH is unrivalled in its kind all over the world, plus the MUNICH FABRIC START, the munich fashion WoMeN and the munich fashion. This diverse range is complemented by specialized fairs for wedding, children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Manages the ISAR metropolis, the fashion stronghold Paris from the throne to come?

The duel between Munich and Paris

In the first round, the two participants can compete against your favorite concept stores:

  • Emmanuelle Bousquet sends their insider tip Merci in the race. On 1500 m² exhibition space not find only furniture and clothing in New York style, but also a restaurant.
  • Julia Karthikeyan counters with off & con. The newly opened concept store stops with innovative and high-quality labels, however, and moreover is an excellent source for gifts.

“Referee” Theresa Schwab decides: draw!

Also in the trendy district of Munich can match:

While Bousquet of the third arrondissement with his “artistic flair, […] trendy restaurants […] and of course the coolest French boutiques” raves, Kunkel man surprisingly chooses Schwabing before the Glockenbachviertel.

The lesser-known fashion labels ensure that Munich draw…

Well known designer and street style

When the subject of designer and street style spotting must leave Munich but points.

The Munich-based jewelry Designer Thomas Jirgens loses in Schwab’s eyes against Alexandre Vauthier and the third arrondissement sits down with the rue des Francs-Bourgeois, the Rue you safe in the Marais and the Rue de Bretagne crystal clear by the Munich-based population, which is decried as conservative and little experimental.

Munich can catch up when vintage shopping however:

Almost all shops offer impresses with quality. Paris has although quantitatively nose front, but only a few shops such as FREE ‘P’ STAR offer a range of high quality.

The race will be decided by shoes

Of all decisive question for the best shoe offer missed it the State capital, to catch up with Paris. While Bousquet boots Zadig & Voltair, and ballerinas by Repetto buys or inspire can at Le Bon Marché, Kunkel man praises Theresa and Marion Henry. The variety of shoes in Paris she can’t beat but ultimately so.

Schwab says in conclusion: “a visit to Paris in terms of designer to top diversity and sense of style, is pretty much impossible. […] However, Munich is catching up piece by piece with numerous new openings.”