Celebrity Shopping Queen Berlin with Anastasia Zampounidis, Bonnie Strange, Bettina Cramer and ENIE Van De Mageseni to “Sexy Cleavage”

Celebrity Shopping Queen Berlin with Anastasia Zampounidis, Bonnie Strange, Bettina Cramer and ENIE Van De Mageseni to “Sexy Cleavage”
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On Sunday it means for the candidate of “celebrity shopping Queen”: shows your femininity, because the theme this time is “Sexy cleavage”. Anastasia Zampounidis, Bonnie under the strict supervision of the fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and of course the competitors may strange, Bettina Cramer and ENIE van de Mageseni with a budget of 500 euro Berlin fashion stores make uncertain. As always it comes up is, with the predetermined budget to put together in this case hopefully sexy outfit and then to present this, where the candidates and Guido Maria Kretschmer submit your review on the catwalk.

“Breasts? Please?”- divided opinions about the chosen motto
It bears fruit in the hair and loves clothes from the 1950s. ENIE van de Mageseni has a moving television history, began her career at the TV station VIVA, which was a stepping stone for many. Today is the 38 year old presenter in the jury of the cooking show “Grill the Henssler”, there causes a stir with their outfits.
On the theme chosen, she responded but frightened, wants to approach the matter with vintage dresses and a selection of petticoats. The 26 year-old model Bonnie strange, however, the display of holden femininity is fully in order. For them, fashion is fun and she tried out new ideas.
Unfortunately seem to have but not the correct offer Berlin fashion shops for them, that’s why she have to improvise and tinkering is an outfit from plastic bags and duct tape. Is it still sexy? To set up then the Crown the whole, she enters a tattoo Studio and bitten summarily a G itself, which is dedicated to her Guido Maria Kretschmer. It may be interesting if the neutral Member of the jury can be carried away and awards for such frivolities extra points.

“Mommy to be Queen” – Anastasia Zampounidis and Bettina Cramer isn’t quite as dared
Earlier model, today presenter, actress, writer, and mother of twins. Bettina Cramer stands mainly on quality. Dresses must for them not only look good, but feel good also. For celebrity shopping Queen she is caught as a consultant one of her two daughters. It simply comes with a job, because “Mommy to be Queen”. Said and done.
Bettina needs no support and has put her outfit together in record time. “Sexy cleavage” in this case is a particularly deep neckline, but the catwalk decides whether that’s enough for the victory. On the last day in Berlin the lively Anasatasia Zampounidis may make uncertain the shops of Berlin. She also tried the vintage rail, looking for dresses in the 40s-style, closely cut and emphasized character and before it then goes to the overall she should present her outfit on the catwalk.

Bettina Cramer WINS!
With a stunning Pant suit from the galleries Lafayette in Berlin, Bettina Cramer takes the victory of celebrity shopping with your pants suit Queen of Berlin!