Celebrity Shopping Queen Cologne with Maxi Biewer, Isabell Hertel, Gisela Muth and Ross Antony

Celebrity Shopping Queen Cologne with Maxi Biewer, Isabell Hertel, Gisela Muth and Ross Antony
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“Say yes – you style your dream wedding”, was the motto of today’s Edition of celebrity shopping Queen. True cheerful gathered in star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and Maxi Biewer, Isabell Hertel, Gisela Muth and Ross Anthony can fight for the Crown. It can be stretched, as the celebrities, to present your perfect outfit for the dream wedding theme.

Maxi Biewer makes the beginning, 48 years young and known as RTL.
Maxi Biewer loves classic and vintage is like buying costumes. Guido Maria Maxi speaks to even a Doris Day style.
With the purchase of a straw hat, changes its original motto and ends up in a clearing in the forest. On these she vote then their rest outfit in a second hand store.
The selection seems somewhat dubious Guido Maria Kretschmer and she encounter skeptical faces before their competitors. It looks so sweet, reminds us more of a hunting party with honest character but. However, she receives a total of 21 points.

It follows Isabell Hertel, which we know as the “Ute” from “Among us”. Isabell is the only unmarried in the round.
Isabelle motto, “Route US 66”, short, Rocky and with veil. Guido Maria is curious and can well imagine that.
Isabell quite soon finds a white wedding dress, only with the matching jacket and shoes’s rutted. You decide to a blue denim jacket and at the shoe factory to open pumps. Little Rock, it wished the round and also Guido Maria Kretschmer. Maybe boots and a leather jacket? However, it scores more than its predecessor.

Very different and with glamour Gisela Muth, the high society Lady and welcome woman among the rich and beautiful presents.
Wedding in Las Vegas is her motto. And she’s got experience, because in real life, she has already married her husband for the third time. So she convinced in a beautiful white dress with veil and perfectly selected footwear. Guido Maria Kretschmer and the competition show admiration and reward her outfit with high score.

The extroverted Ross concludes entertainer and Anthony.
Thanks to his fantastic companion succeeds in his plan to get married in a traditional English style. He shows almost perfect in a dark sport coat in the Navy look great matched with various accessories and black patent leather shoes. He proves his English courtesy, by a bouquet of flowers he presented each of the ladies of his remaining money.

Clear winners of this show is followed by Gisela Muth, Isabell Hertell and Maxi Biewer Ross Anthony.

The final verdict by Guido Maria Kretschmer:
Maxi Biewer: it is, but it’s not a wedding look.
Isabell Hertell: Good idea, cute dress, wild shoes, beautiful but not optimal.
Gisela Muth: Sweet, courageous and a perfect dress, so can be married.
Anthony Ross: Not conservative and boring. A varied and new look. Sympathetic!



Promi Shopping Queen

Promi Shopping Queen

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