Chandelly Braz Gray Floral Dress – Novel Dresses

Chandelly Braz Gray Floral Dress – Novel Dresses
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Check Out Chandelly Braz’s Gray Floral Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Ballad!

Chandelly Braz is a Brazilian actress very young, but who has been emphasizing in the novel Generation Brazil, in which she interprets a recifense, being that the actress grew in the capital of Pernambuco. In a scene from the soap opera Geração Brasil, Manuela (Chandelly Braz’s character) wore a beautiful gray floral dress. This romantic dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled Chandelly Braz’s gray floral dress . Check it out and get inspired for your next ballad!

The Chandelly Braz gray floral dress is super delicate, with small flowers that do not visually increase the silhouette. In addition, itslength is medium , which makes it a discreet dress very versatile, which can be worn in a bare or more formal manner as in the image above Chandelly Braz.

It is noteworthy that due to the gray color being neutral, you can combine different accessories and other colorful garments.

Gray Floral Dress Tips!

Unfortunately, online stores have few options of gray floral dress , most of them predominate the colorful floral dresses, typical of summer, but are not as versatile as the gray floral dresses.

It is worth mentioning that smaller designs do not visually increase the silhouette, but with bigger designs they can increase the silhouette, so if you are going to wear a floral dress with big flowers, you prefer the dark colored dress.

Check out some gray floral dress options below  and get inspired for your next ballad!

Gray Floral Dress Options


This gray floral dress looks like a discreet dress, with only transparencies on her lap and sleeves.But the whole region of the back is transparent, leaving much skin on display and can show the fat, so this floral dress is ideal for ballads, which is the occasion to wear bold dresses.

In relation to the print, his drawings are great, but they mix, not being so noticeable his designs.


This gray floral dress has tiny flowers, practically forming a dress poá. This print is interesting, but there are other more relevant details, such as the soft modeling of this dress.

First of all, the vintage-style collar stands out, combining perfectly with the draped ones in the skirt, that leave the loose region. Notice that the transparency in the lap gives a lightness to the dress, which has enough tissue in the region of the trunk.


This gray floral dress is delicate and modern in the right measure, its delicacy is given by traditional flowers, while modernity is achieved by modeling. Thus, there floral print highlights the face, while the body is poorly delineated.


This gray floral dress is suitable for weddings parties and other elegant social events. Its floral detail is embroidered, forming contours of very delicate flowers, which combine with the delicacy of the transparencies and the belt that delineates the waist.

The choice of accessories can be bolder, with scarpin colored shoes, or more classic, with black sandals and clutch of the same color. Escape from very flashy silver accessories with a full gray dress, otherwise your look will look too monochromatic.