Collection of Suitcases is Criticized by Consumer Protection Organizations

Collection of Suitcases is Criticized by Consumer Protection Organizations
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Anac authorized companies to charge separately for baggage

The new rules for air transport are under attack from consumer organizations. The rules approved by the National Civil Aviation Agency(ANAC) yesterday will be valid for tickets purchased from March 14, 2017. For tickets purchased before that date, even if the flight happens after the validity of the regulations , The current rules prevail.

Among the main changes is the right of airlines to charge for  baggage dispatch. Today, consumers are entitled to bags of up to 23kg in total on domestic flights and two bags of up to 32 kilograms on international routes, free of charge. Only hand baggage will be free of charge. In this case, the weight goes from 5kg to 10kg.

“We understand that this establishes the possibility of increased cases of price abuses in air tickets. To hope that we believe in common sense is a lot. Our companies are not known for practicing friendly prices,”said José Augusto Peres, director of the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Policy and Law(Brasilcon).

In cases of delay and cancellation of flights, companies remain obliged to provide material assistance to passengers. But hotel accommodation will only be required if an overnight stay is required. For delays beyond one hour, the company will have to offer ease of communication; Of two hours, must provide food and above four hours accommodation in different spaces at the airport, such as VIP lounges.


Under the new rules, it will only be considered a baggage loss when the vintage suitcase is not located. If the bag does not arrive with the passenger, but is found, the companies will not have to indemnify the user.”It’s absurd. Imagine the passenger arriving without the suitcases. You will have to spend from your own pocket, not knowing if and when your vintage bag will arrive. If it shows up after 20 days, the airline will not owe you anything. Not even an apology,”Peres argues. The deadline for the company to identify the whereabouts of the suitcase falls from 30 days to seven days(domestic flights) and 21 days(international).

According to Anac,”the new rules bring Brazil closer to what is practiced in most of the world and contribute to broadening access to air transport and diversifying consumer services, generating incentives for greater competition and lower prices.”