Cool Buckle Styling Tip for Every Occasion!

Cool Buckle Styling Tip for Every Occasion!
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Today one finds high quality leather belt with iconic belts buckles of all kinds in the various subcultures: whether bikers, Rockabilly, Rockabella – and skaters is everyone on the taste of this individual can come to revalue its own look with different belt buckle (buckles). Whether you buckle his belonging to a subculture with a or wants to rapid hot rods, his enthusiasm to colorful tattoos, sexy vintage pin up or the King of rock ‘n’ roll personally to express is subject to your own taste. Even icons such as Elvis, Marlon Brando and James Dean wore belt buckles like to refine their individual style. There are countless possibilities to combine belt buckles with different change belts made of leather and thus every day to create a new look. Today we would like to inform you a little bit about the iconic buckles and removable belt.

History Of The Belt Buckle

Belt and associated belt buckles have a great history which dates far back into the middle ages. Earlier, belt had single-purpose, that the clothing was adapted to the body and kept.It avoided the cumbersome high – and slides down the clothes by one integrated practical belt in fashion. For men and ladies of the nobility belt were often ostentatious and expensive pieces of jewelry which are made of silk, velvet or Brocade were artfully produced and therefore advanced to a kind of status symbol. Such ceremonial belt were often lavishly decorated with gemstones, gold jewelry, glass rivers or embroidery. In the 12th century were this belt is so long that you wrapped them twice around the body.From the 17th and 18th centuries, the belt lost importance because he no longer served the purpose to hold together the clothing. Instead, there were noble sashes for women and men in fashion. In 1835 ladies laid off across the belt and only in 1900 that were resumed in fashion. In later times, starting in 1890, and especially the 20s and 30s years gentlemen often wore braces, to keep their pants on the spot. This fashion came from the United States and played in Germany for practical reasons like. With the introduction of the belt loops, suspenders came back out of fashion and belt experienced a rise, which continues today.

Individual Fashion Statement: The AC Belt

Stylish removable belt are very modern and extremely handy. Different widths, lengths, and colors offer a wide selection. Through the easy replacement of the belt buckle, you can reshape the AC belt depending on the whim and combine individually to the clothes.Belt buckles have thus become a fashion accessory, which make a Catcher of all garments.

To manage change belt are extremely simple and straightforward: the belt buckle is simply attached the belt by means of a push button. It pulls the belt through the appropriate belt buckle for this, turns him and misses from the belt with the convenient push button. No limits is where the personal taste of the wearer. High-quality belt have nowadays become a stylish equipment for personal fashion taste. You can be completely different depending on the usage of other belt buckle in the blink of an eye his favourite belt and achieve different effects. Whether you are a classic leather belt in black or brown with cool gambling buckles combined or decides for a colorful belt with a sweet tattoo removable buckle, is entirely the personal ideas left. Change belts are perfect for individual people, who every day want to reinvent itself. Actually, you need only a belt which you can decorate with several beautiful buckles over and over again. The width of the belt buckle must however match the AC belt. There are change belt in the narrower version of 2 cm up to the broader version by 8 cm. You can enable robust jeans in conjunction with cool biker boots skilfully put or beautify also feminine blouses. A belt buckle often reveals much about its wearer and becomes a casual fashion statement.

Styling Tips On The Subject Of Buckle & Co

Pretty belt buckles wear stylish girls in summer for example like sexy Capri pants with sweet stripe shirt and blouse or even casual on breezy summer dresses. A belt buckle completes the personal look and you can create a new look with her every day. Cool guys wearing the Bluejeans beautiful gambling or PIN of flush buckles in conjunction with stylish Biker Boots . Cool belt buckles make a brilliant figure also dwindled in the garage when the car bolts. In the winter, in which, tshirts, sweaters or cozy cardigans are announced, you can integrate belt buckles also perfectly in fashion. Leather boots in conjunction with suitable high-quality change belts and hump conjure up a stylish appearance. Also in everyday stylish belt buckles are all good portable: whether on the fine knit dress in the Office or to the casual Bluejeans worn buckles revalue really visually any look and give their final stylish and individual touch of fashion.