Details for a Gentleman Driver (And V) Posters Vintage of Grand Prix of Formula 1

Details for a Gentleman Driver (And V) Posters Vintage of Grand Prix of Formula 1
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And to finish the series of articles “Details for a Gentleman Driver”, I hope that the ideas have been proven to you interesting and original, this time I intend to surprise your favorite driver gentleman giving an authentic a Formula 1 Grand Prix vintage poster or their Championship predecessors (such as Grand Prix Motor Racing) because it was the first Grand Prix of Formula 1 in 1950.

Competition Queen of the engine has a high dose of glamour, especially years ago, one of the clearer examples of this is the work traditionally carried out in the design of the posters of each Grand Prix. It is easy to find reproductions of these of course small works of art on paper, but the originals are scarce as you can imagine. Let’s see some examples!

I think the chronological order is most successful, we started with a couple of posters, both of Vintage Auto Posters, of the 20’s. The first is an exception since it is not a grand prize if not of the fourth edition of the Return to Catalonia in 1920, the artist is Ramón Baizeras. At his side we can find the poster of the Grand Prix of Klausen, Germany, in 1927, a magnificent example of design art deco, signed by Coulon.

We jump to the 30’s starting with the image that begins this article, poster of the Grand Prix of Monaco of 1932 signed by Falcucci, won the race Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo. In the image below we find posters of the great prize of Berne, magnificent interpretation of a Bugatti ahead of another car, and the Montreaux both of 1934 and art deco design also. The three are Vintage Auto Posters catalog.

We arrived in the 1940s and its stop war. Of this decade I loved this poster copy of the Grand Prix Peña Rhin that ran in the Circuit de Pedralbes in Barcelona in 1948. The winner was Italian Luigi Villoresi commanders of a Maserati. The artist is A. Garcia and Vintage Auto Posters is who has it in catalogue.

Of the 50 have called me attention this poster of Vintage Auto Posters of the Grand Prix Peña Rhin in 1954, beat the French François Picard at the controls of a Ferrari in the Pedralbes circuit. Impressionist style for a work of new signed by A. Garcia.

We arrived at the 60’s and we stumbled upon one of the biggest names in the sector, British illustrator Michael Turner, specialist in capturing images from the world of motor and aviation. Striking East exemplary poster, Poster Classics hand, of the Monaco Grand Prix of 1968, Graham Hill won on board a Lotus.

And we finished with the 70, I selected this poster also Michael Turner that was used to promote the Grand Prix of Spain 1975. A meeting that became controversial in the beginning, the Montjuïc circuit security conditions were not acceptable, and tragic in the end by the death of several spectators after an accident of Rolf Stommelen. Poster Classics has it on sale on your website.

I’d like to mention you to complete an alternative, or supplement, to posters vintage that I have shown. The art deco-inspired poster the signature London Pullman Editions produced in limited series made by several artists remembering events from the world of the automobile among others. These three examples are a sample of what you can find in our catalog of Pullman.

I leave you wishing that the series “Details for a Gentleman Driver” I served inspired to find the perfect gift and original to do that man that looks like it has everything. I will return to the fray for! father’s day!