Esprit Sportswear – Sporty Chic on the Road

Esprit Sportswear – Sporty Chic on the Road
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She was formerly more functional and practical, so sportswear is now fashionable and stylish eye catcher at the same time and from everyday life impossible to imagine. High-quality materials, excellent wearing comfort and comfortable cuts make for an outfit, which always gives the feeling one even during sport activities of all kinds, to be perfectly dressed. Especially ESPRIT sportswear is known for superb craftsmanship and quality and is also every trend.

Fashionable trousers and shirts in a wide selection
That curl out, first rays of the Sun to the sporting event after the new pants in Capri style for women guaranteed conjure a great figure. Wonderfully airy and light they are an ideal companion for leisure activities and offer plenty of storage space with its large pockets for on the go. For the workout at the fitness center you sport Capris made of soft Jersey as part of the Basic, essential and should be missing in any gym bag. Dance training or jogging an hour, trendy sweatpants from Jersey or Nicki fabric impart a pleasant wearing feeling and look great. But the men can feel comfortable in the new ESPRIT sportswear really. Casual shorts, cargo pants in different variations, as well as lightweight shorts are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. For action-packed sports such as ski or snowboard ride hard-wearing materials offer security and also style. Who are the fashionable variety of pants, which as we find the highlight of sports collection, want to convince, should take a look.

Matching shirts or Polo shirts round out the outfit. Currently bright colors are especially popular and rich nuances of red, yellow with bilious green. But also shirts in classic white or in summery pastel shades are indispensable from the sporty fashion. With ESPRIT sportswear can be together due to the wide product range easily different parts combine and his own creation of sports.

Sports jackets and casual accessories are a must-have
In the latest ESPRIT collection is guaranteeing the right sportswear for all tastes. For joggers, the easily-cut jackets from soft sweat material are an absolute must. But above all training jackets with gloss effects are currently a fashionable highlight and convey a touch of extravagance. Hooded sweatshirts or sweat cardigans combine also just fine with everyday fashion and make the essential companion for leisure or Office ESPRIT sportswear. The men are up to date with feather-light nylon jackets, which are printed with different motifs or modern outdoor jackets in vintage style, totally. But that has also fluffy down or ski jackets to offer ESPRIT sportswear collection. Excellent materials with exceptional colours and motives make the heart of every winter sports enthusiast beat and attract the attention.

With the right accessories, it can be still brilliant splash of color here. Colorful shawls or scarves and shapely caps spice the sportswear fashionable to offer protection and charming extra spotlight. The right sports Kit is an indispensable accessories for a perfect appearance. Spacious shoulder bags for the Fitness Studio are trendy and can be also a practical companion in everyday or on holidays.