Fashion Week: This Costs the Influencer Outfits

Fashion Week: This Costs the Influencer Outfits
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The fashion month is over and we breathe again for the first time. After we felt like four weeks on the tour of the world’s cities and were virtually rushing from one show to the next, it is now time to review the fashionable events.

In addition to designers, catwalks and models, as far as nothing new, especially the streetstyles, which impressed us once more. Whether extravagant designer look or detail-loving vintage girl – in Milan, Paris and New York you could see the different fashion types, whose looks impressed us equally, but in terms of the style and the budget enormously. Reason enough to present the three most important Influencer types on the basis of their outfit costs.

The extravagant

The price for the parts it carries on the body is estimated to be between 5,000 and 20,000 euros.Which is not a problem for her, because the majority is served as a star blogger or fashion boss of an international magazine practically on the silver tray.

What makes her look so special?As an extravagant, she uses a wide range of styles to create her own personal look.

Your favorite fires are just as beautiful as expensive: Vetements, Balenciaga, Loewe or Acne Studios.

Your hotspots:Dinner at Café Ruc, afterwards to the bar in the Hemingway (in the Ritz).

Fun Fact:The increased stress level on journeys is safe for travel, because for normal mortals 20 kilos of luggage are allowed, it is seldom less than 50, plus hand luggage, of course?But this is not too bad, because instead of dragging their ten suitcases, 13 handbags and 27 pairs of shoes for the week to the hotel waiting at the exit of the airport already a private VIP shuttle, which takes them into one of their favorite hotels, such as the Ritz Paris or Four Seasons in New York.

The Experimental

For a complete outfit, the Experimentelle flips in about 1000 to 2500 Euro.

Among their favorite brands are Off-White, Balenciaga or Vans.

Your Hotspots:The group of the Experimentelle lives at the pulse of the time and therefore knows already in advance that at the moment quite a lot of creative power comes from Japan.Accordingly, they can be found in the Japanese Finger’s Restaurant in Milan or, in a classic way, in Carlo e Camilla.

Here she sits:Instead of checking into overpriced hotels, she would like to spend the night in trendy Airbnb apartments during the fashion weeks.

Fun Fact:The look of the Experimental is a mix of showy suede pumps and supposedly uncool parts, like an oversized North Face Jacket, which puts them into the Fashion Olympus.

The vintage girl

The vintage girl is a species that is rarely seen on Fashion Weeks. Your outfit costs between 100 and 200 euros, estimated by EstateRealest.

Your hotspots:Shops like Madame Pauline in Milan or Metropolis Vintage in New York are popular.She likes eating in alternative and vegan restaurants and drinks the coffee fairly and exclusively with soya or almond milk.

What makes her look special:comfort is important to her, so she wears Dr.Martens or vintage Levi’s jeans with a high waistband (preferred from the 80s and 90s).

Here she is:The vintage girl has friends all over the world and therefore always a couch on which she can sleep.

Fun Fact:Too serious does not it take the vintage theme, because what is against it, assuming it is a gift from the designer to wear a vintage shirt from Gucci every now and then ?!Right, nothing.


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