Fernanda Lima Yellow Dress – Strapless Long Dresses

Fernanda Lima Yellow Dress – Strapless Long Dresses
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Check Out Yellow Dress Options Of Fernanda Lima For Inspiration In Choosing Your Wedding Dress And Prom!

Fernanda Lima is a brazilian former model, which has been gaining international media space due to your participation in a series of events linked to the World Cup 2014. Recently, at the FIFA Conference, Fernanda Lima nailed it showing the event, in addition to showing all your beauty in a yellow dress, which combined with your lightly tanned skin.

This long dress is the inspiration for today’s post. Check out for inspiration in choosing your wedding dress and prom!

The yellow dress of Fernanda Lima has a modeling adjusted to body, which can show the fat, especially belly. But what draws the most attention is the neckline strapless heart shaped, slightly sharp, and inspired by the vintage trend. Note that this is very reminiscent of a neckline lace, thus giving more charm in that long dress clean. The maxi glamorous earrings finish the look in style.

Where To Buy Yellow Dress Options?

The online stores do not have a large amount of light yellow dress, especially when looking for dresses with no glares, because today the fashion for party dresses requires sparkles, pedrarias and sequins. So the long dresses of this post have brilliant detail, due to the difficulty mentioned.

Check below some options to light yellow dress for inspiration in choosing your wedding dress and prom!

Light Yellow Dress Options
#1 Light Yellow Dress

This light yellow dress can be considered a romantic and delicate dress, ideal for teens and young recém-saídas. Note that the heart neckline enhances the breasts, but the hides, leaving ordinary long dress. In addition, the draping of fabric on the trunk and pedrarias value even more the bust and waist. Fluffy skirt ensures that your love handles are not marked.

#2 Light Yellow Dress

This light yellow dress has the modeling very recently, that combines the lace dress with transparencies on the skirt, which makes the bold look. In addition, modeling is glued to the body. This type of modeling highlights and curves, combined with transparency, let the sexy look.

#3 Light Yellow Dress

This light yellow dress has a yellow tone more alive and has a comfortable modeling and interesting. This long dress modeling focuses on the sparkles at the neckline and draping that outline the bust, giving prominence to this region and to the lap. From the bottom of the bust, the skirt is totally untethered.

#4 Light Yellow Dress

This light yellow dress has some very interesting elements. First, the application of colored sequins, creating a contrast with the color of the long gown. In that same region and also in the waist, the draping of fabric firm outline and structure these regions. Fluffy skirt it is important to let the look comfortable and harmonious relative to the female body.

Fernanda Lima rocks, as well as light yellow dress! I hope that the post has helped!