Firenze4Ever luisaviaroma “Ethnomorphic” in the January 2014 – That’s It!

Firenze4Ever luisaviaroma “Ethnomorphic” in the January 2014 – That’s It!
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The time flies by in the flights and before the wonderful impressions are further blurred, we want to look back once more with you on the first highlight of the year 2014: the Firenze4Ever event, which is organized twice a year by LuisaViaRoma, Florence.

We were in January for the first time with when the first team of international fashion in Florence gathered together to celebrate and to create wonderful looks and outfits from the freshly-arrived collections of designers from the range of the LuisaViaRoma stores.

The event was themed “Ethnomorphic” in January and 32 bloggers from around the world were invited, to the new style to celebrate, you can describe as a more technical variant of the folk trend, almost steampunk meets ethno. You can see very nice, just in the collections by ETRO for men and the new Chanel collection, as there is reinterpreted the theme of Western. At Givenchy, however, especially floral elements are engineered and used some “unzip romanticized”.

We were accommodated in the wonderful villa Cora, which is located on a hill in the residential area of Florence and offers a unique atmosphere for opulent looks and every morning makes a gift if the groves of Florence and the roofs of the city cast can be the first views of the morning. Of course not only the Villa Cora is able to enchant the visitors. All Florence shines in historical splendor and offers highlights such as the Cathedral of Florence, many shopping opportunities from small boutiques, such as the Cup of milk kids store and vintage shops, such as the boutique n up to the stores of the world renowned fashion brands. Also dining there are both traditional bars and restaurants, but also modern interpretations of Italian dishes, such as the soul kitchen. In particular, we have learned but once again appreciate the coffee culture. No Starbucks is far and wide to see and we hope that the Italians the also continue to persist. For this, you get a fast and excellent espresso, which brings back tired explorers feet in motion at each corner.