Germaine De Capuccine’s 50th Birthday and with Its Premium Vintage Celebrates It in Limited Edition Collection

Germaine De Capuccine’s 50th Birthday and with Its Premium Vintage Celebrates It in Limited Edition Collection
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Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party. The French name Spanish cosmetics firm, Germaine de Capuccini, He met years. 50 which there are many! And he celebrated in style, organizing an exclusive lunch at the Madrid Club Allard.

Sometimes I wonder if you are interested when I tell you everything that happens behind the scenes related to the major brands of the world of beauty and cosmetics. You just think I dispersed, and that she would do better going to the grain. Personally I think that it is a great opportunity of look as through a Keyhole to see everything what’s happening, and never better said! in the backstage of large parades that are the presentations of beauty brands.

Germaine de Capuccini and their wonderful treatments I have spoken sometimes as fifty years dedicated to beauty innovation do not pass unnoticed, even for the beauty demanding addicted.

To celebrate an important anniversary, makers of the brand – led by its President Maria Angeles Vidal -, they decided to re-edit the jar that guarded their cult creams to date. The result translates into Premium Vintage Collection, limited edition.

A luxury manufactured in glass jar, inspired by the original of the sixties, which has been given special attention to the details that make up the DNA of the brand as iconic and beautiful swan. All the packaging, in general, is a nod to the past that will appreciate the connaisseurs and stalwarts of the brand.

The Premium Vintage collection:

  • Timexpert Rides correction lines/wrinkles cream. Price: 44.65 euros 50 ml
  • Timexpert X Cel cream re-creation youth. Price: 61,10 EUR 50 ml
  • Excel Therapy 02 Continous Defense 44.85 euros 50 ml

The first acts as a repairman veil to smooth wrinkles, the second for the deeper – especially in mature skin. The Excel Therapy is a real defense against aging and the environmental stress. Ideal for keeping the skin young and healthy!

Maria Angeles Vidal, President of Germaine de Capuccine, reminded us of all the gathered there that the success and the history of the brand would not have been possible without the extraordinary entrepreneurial character of its founder, Carmen Vidal. A visionary woman who in 1964 objective to create a product and offer services that at that time in Spain shone by its absence.

Work and dedication that Carmen Vidal got the international recognition as a pioneer of professional cosmetics, not only in Spain but worldwide, along with other big names like Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden or the Carita sisters.

During the lunch was fortunate to be able to sit next to Marina Cerda, PP RR brand and Sonia Garcinuño, Director of the Institute of beauty Madrid Kirei – who started working for Germaine de Capuccini fifteen years ago-, and that told me that, even today, when you’re working in the cabin often come you to mind recommendations of Carmen Vidal, calling on all the people who worked for the brand that they keep your back straight they placed their hands in a certain way, they ensure that the cables of machines not annoyed never customers because excellence is formed by the sum of all these small details which, in the long run, are those who make a difference.

From Jezebel beauty congratulations to Germaine de Capuccine for its first fifty years! By the way, Francis (Yanes) beautiful flowers!