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Grenada Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Grenada

According to CHEEROUTDOOR.COM, Grenada is a country located in North America. There is freedom of the press in Grenada, but newspaper distribution is modest. There is no daily newspaper, but several weekly newspapers, including Grenada Guardian, GULP body, and the official Government Gazette.

Radio and television company Granada Broadcasting Corporation (established in 1972), as 40% owned by the state, transmits a radio channel and TV in two. There are also commercial radio and TV stations. TV shows can also be received from Trinidad and Tobago and from Barbados. There are 597 radio and 375 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


According to CALCULATORINC, the grenadian culture is based on the heritage of the colonial powers Britain and France as well as the African traditions carried by the slaves. The African heritage is evident in music and dances, among other things.

Grenada has a carnival in August every year with parades, steel bands and calypsy music. In addition, an annual drum festival is held.

Mass Media

The freedom of the press stipulated in the constitution also prevails in practice. A variety of opinions are expressed in the media, and the privately owned press often reports critically about the government. However, some self-censorship may occur.

The most important newspapers are The Grenada Informer, The Grenadian Voice, The Grenada Times, The New Today and Grenada Today. The Grenada Guardian is the Labor Party’s body and the government publishes the weekly Government Gazette. They all come out once a week; there are no newspapers.

The Grenada Broadcasting Network, which is 40 percent owned by the state and 60 percent is privately owned, broadcasts TV and radio. There is also a private TV channel as well as several private radio stations. The Grenadians can watch TV broadcasts from Trinidad and Tobago as well as from Barbados.


Percentage of the population using the internet

59 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

102 (2017)

Grenada Culture

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