Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions
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The Fontanges is an artfully constructed hairstyle of the late Baroque (1680-1720), which could be up to 60 cm high.

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges - Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

Supposedly wanted this hairstyle the 19 Duchesse de Fontanges, mistress of King XIV, during a hunting trip around 1680. Through a wild ride their hair had loosened, which just took them up and fastened with a garter belt.

The King liked the look and the hair style idea was on tagged accessible at the French court and further developed.

In the, there are countless variations almost 40 years, where the hairstyle of a la Fontanges is filled, is all but mean that the hair is completely or partially pinned up.

In the particularly high constructions at the end of the 17th century-related wire frames be installed Additionally with hair masking in the hairstyle. The hair is decorated with beads and ribbons.

There is often a decorated veil or an old lace part of the hairstyle which is also mounted on a wire frame behind the building. This cap is called a Fontange.

A hairstyle of a la Fontanges must not necessarily include this old lace or a Fontange. There are many paintings by noble ladies without a tip in the hair.

Baroque hairstyles were capped with natural hair, especially when the high constructions were hairpieces and braids a doctored but with.

Here the instructions for a  vintage hairstyle a la Fontange. At least shoulder length hair are compulsory:

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges - Baroque Hairstyle Instructions 1

Baroque Hair 1

Preparation is needed for the hairstyle and some accessories, it is not difficult in the


I have installed:

  1. three Brown bun hair cushion with hole in the Middle for inserting a set.The diameter of the doughnuts will be smaller at each.
  2. a hairpiece for the length with slight corkscrew curls and a small hair comb to attach.
  3. a hairpiece without anchoring, to cover the bun pads.
  4. according to,  vintage pearl necklaces and hair jewelry with beads for decorating.
  5. hair clips
  6. a Fontange.I have the Fontange from a coat hanger bent and getapet on a headband.

I have covered the whole with part of a lace curtain from IKEA and decorated with Red satin ribbon.

Baroque Hair 2

A pony is for the hairstyle of advantage, because forelocks in the Baroque style were fashionable.

First with the entire hair up on the head tie a ponytail. Place the ponytail best right up on the middle of the head.

Baroque Style 3

Pull the ponytail through the hole of all three Dutt upholstery.

Below the largest doughnut comes out and above the smallest.

Some strands of hair, remove the largest cushion of bun. You can drape it up front than curls.

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges - Baroque Hairstyle Instructions 2

Under a other with hair clips secure the Chignon pads.

The bottom bun pads in addition stuck on the head. This must be well anchored, else fails the whole hairdo.

Baroque Style 4

Rear now attach the first part of the hair.

You can simply insert our hairpieces because with the small Ridge top.

Forward lay each half of the long hair.

Baroque Style 5

The second part of the hair below the bottom hair pad firmly anchored.

Then wrap the wrong hair from bottom to top to the pyramid made of doughnuts.

We went down two times around that of course depends on the length of the hair.

At the beginning and end of the wrong hair well hide what is not a problem in so much hair.

Baroque Style 6

Now style the own hair over the second part of the hair.

You can be creative here. Very typical for the hairstyle a la Fontanges are curls you draped symmetrical left and right of the Crown.

I put two large curls or snails on the bottom cushion of the hair left and right. And the same in less on the top hair pad.

Not quite as good looking that unfortunately in uniformly dark hair.

Baroque Style 7

Now the front hair styling hair.

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges - Baroque Hairstyle Instructions 3

We make big hair with a straightening iron.

Papillots for small squiggle curls would be original.

At that time one has wrapped the hair very closely on paper, see right in the picture.

This costs time, wrapping, as well as for drying Allerding correctly.

Baroque Style 8

Now, the hairstyle is decorated.

Necklaces and bracelets were used at that time very often.

In addition or instead you can see paintings of the time in the hair also brooches, Diadems and silk ribbons.

The hair is then either finished or to decorate in addition with a Fontange.

Earlier the metal frame of a high

Fontange directly behind a first wire frame is placed, on which the hair was doctored.

Both Drahtgestellte were fixed with natural hair bound off.

We decided in the end against the Fontange because it also extremely complained the head and the whole giant high structure to dance on a masquerade ball is really inappropriate.

The ladies of the late Baroque period were as leidensfahiger as we…