Höstkoll Stockholm – Part 1

Höstkoll Stockholm – Part 1
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Autumn has literally taken Stockholm by storm. High time to reinforce the closet, that is. And you don’t want to do it with a raid on the closest H & M store, is the idea that our guide to some of the best in the autumn-Stockholm will help you find the right.

Rare, Dundop and Daniele Alessandrini is three strong Italian cards on the street, which Linnaeus BSpoke there since 2003.

A new cone fektionsmärke-Italian Bianconi-stands for the store’s more tailored, while there are plenty of both knits that casual anymore into the store. Accessories from including Matt Weston and Toy Watch may also place.

New Iceland Ahaus and Stone is Denim, while including Vintage 55, Misericordia and Luca D’alessandro is back.

Located on Nybrogatan shop Douglas since three and a half years back in the middle of the batter, though still a bit separated. The founder has previously founded and made The Shirt Factory to a store concept to be reckoned with and below the line Bluecut also sell shop Douglas his own shirts of Italian fabrics for 700-900 dollars. Besides that, you can also get made-to-measure suits, jackets, pants, coats and shirts. A made-to-measure suit costs from 5000 and up, reported by A2zgov.com.

In 1300 we welcome to the new Swedish mark Blank found here. Look especially at the black kavajjackan with great fit (2495). Moreover, coats and jackets from the venerable Belstaff, a lot of clothing from Fred Perry, C.p. Company and a novelty in the form of John Smedley. In addition, the sash from the Reptile House and scarves by Amanda Christensen.

New on Painting Street is Danish Wood Wood (which is already selling out), Swedish Forthmeier (with production in Sweden), sneakermärket Springcourt with two models: one (1095) has an inside of suede and leather exterior. Shoes also come from new Rokin and Gram Design, autumn comes with new, molded soles for better stability and quality.

T-shirts with prints and jeans from two of the next big Swedish brands, Our Legacy and Julian Red. From the former, also a combined jeans and Chino model which, as we all know, is just right in time. In addition, the Danish Won Hundreds best collection to date. Look especially in the blue collarless shirt and clothing.

Later this month, hats in a variety of designs from New York Hat & Cap CO. and to tailor’s Studio is the continuing standby list that applies, but the work force has been reinforced and the queue time should thus be reduced.
Simon and Nicole on the Speakeasy thrives in its new premises on Artillery road. And later this fall, the ochbesökarna a much larger store of love: If the construction work is going on almost double the retail space.

An important part of Speakeasy concept seems to be to offer a small amount of brands and then insist on buying large portions of their different collections each season. For better or worse. If you like one of the store’s brands is understood a small gold mine, while it may not cover a wide spectrum as in other places.

But it is really nice. Uk You Must Create goes from strength to strength.Their best decision in terms of the trade mark was perhaps not to interfere at Urban Outfitters, but it doesn’t matter when the clothes they produce is so beautiful and at the same time, portable. Finbyxan with front pleats (1595) and the short jacket (2895) in fine material, both in the same hue (camel, of course!), are given highlights. The rest of the collections from both brands as well. Look especially in the shoes from the British and don’t forget to watch the new shoe brand Opening Ceremony, whose Spring collection also showed up at the Gallery in Copenhagen and guaranteed a continued success.

Otherwise be found knitwear from Busnel, basic garments from Samsoe and Samsøe and jeans and more from Strategic Business Unit.

In General, the following can be noted from the Stockholm store life:

* Brand Ladies & Gentlemen, along with girl mark Pimpinette, opened the shop at Norrbackagatan 36 in birkastan, not far from where Speakeasy low before. It will be just the two parts of the retail space is no accident, as they shared a Studio and showroom at Kungsholmen in the past. Remains to be seen whether more can be found there than to the Speakeasy, which lay very close during its first year, but that since a while back found on tykistökatu 4, near nybroplan. The trend is clear: more and more small and medium-sized Swedish brands open their own shop. After including the Ulterior Motive, Solouniko, Carin Wester and Julian Red tries therefore to establish own Alicia Rissler. The reasons can be many: it is of course a great way to show off your own entire collection, you can get an office space and take the opportunity to combine it with the shop and not at all unimportant detail in this context is the ability to sell their clothes to full price. The selling price to the purchaser is in approximately 30% of the final price and the equation is simple: you can sell their own clothes at the same price as the stores it sells to, it becomes a financial gain. The Ladies & gentlemen’s shop is expected, however, not a few menswear is expected until about two weeks.
Speaking of newly opened: Katitzi, who previously had his shop on hantverkargatan has now spawns by himself to Odengatan, which houses since a few months back. Last Friday was the opening day came “all supplies at the same time”, so now we can soon look forward to new Garde of Scandinavia, Resteröds, Tina Olsson, Merde!, Nina Jarebrink and much more.

In part 2, we thought the visit this year’s shop 2006, according to Cafe-JUS and Tjallamalla. And then we would love to you readers choose which store whose autumn range you want us to write about!