Kate Moss x Our Site: All Images in the Collection

Kate Moss x Our Site: All Images in the Collection
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When supermodel Kate Moss you can be to sure the appropriate attention. As reported several times, her new collection for Our site, which can be seen even now fully appears on April 30.

On the website of the German ‘vogue’, we can admire the pictures of the creations currently and will also enjoy of a somewhat more detailed interviews with Kate Moss. In it she speaks not only about the collection and its relationship to Our site, but about their inspirations in General.

As always, music plays an important role. Kate reveals that she has always first at the idea Festival in the head in the summer. Keith Richards and Patti Smith are among her absolute heroes. So we can look chic on numerous beautiful pieces in the typical Kate Moss Rock’n’ Roll Boho. A few of the pieces are replicas of some of their favorite vintage clothes basically.

Four years ago, Kate Moss had to stop then collaboration with Our site for timing reasons. Now comes the whole thing in a new round. Here it goes to the pictures and interview… What do you say to pieces? Some of the pieces are really succeeded, or?