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Kiribati Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Kiribati

According to ARISTMARKETING.COM, Kiribati is a country located in Oceania. Kiribati lacks newspapers. The most important newspaper with 2,000 copies, published in English and Kiribati weekly, Te Uekera. It is published by state-owned Radio Kiribati.

The radio (founded in 1954) broadcasts in one channel. A national television company, Television Kiribati, has been established. There are 386 radio and 38 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


According to CALCULATORINC, traditional music consists of singing with pats in hands and stomping in feet. A common theme is love. Dances are often done with outstretched hands and bird-like head movements – it should be reminiscent of the frigate bird that is considered a national bird.

Music performances are often made sitting and with guitar accompaniment. In standing performances (te kaimatoa) or hip dance (te buki) a wooden box is used as a drum. A dance with a thug (tirere) links to an old martial art.

Teresa Teaiwa (1968–2017) was an American poet and academic with a stir from Kiribati. She was a prominent researcher on the culture of the South Sea.

According to TOPB2BWEBSITES.COM, the Kiribatians have since acquired extensive knowledge of animal and plant life in the sea around the atolls, and in recent years they have begun to document this knowledge as well as traditional skills in navigation and boat building.

Kiribati Culture

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