Largest Provinces in China

Top-10 of China’s Largest Provinces by Area. This ranking is led by Xinjiang province, followed by Tibet and Nei Menggu.

List of the 10 Largest Provinces in China

The list of the 10 Largest Provinces in China includes the list of Chinese provinces taking into account their area. The Largest Province of China is Xinjiang, followed by the Autonomous Region of Tibet and of the Nei Menggu Autonomous Region that complete the podium of the ranking of the Largest Provinces of China , according to 2017 data. The People’s Republic of China is the most populous country in the world and is the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of land area . This Asian country has a total area of ​​9,572,900 square kilometers, with the 10 largest Chinese provinces occupy more than ⅔ of the entire Chinese territory. The 3 largest provinces in China are the only ones that exceed one million square kilometers.

10th Hunan

Opening this list of the 10 Largest Provinces in China is the province of Hunan, located in the center of China, with an area of ​​210,500 square kilometers.


9th Guangxi

Covering an area of ​​220,400 square kilometers, this southern Chinese province has Nanning as the provincial capital.

8th Gansu

In this province of 366,500 square kilometers, there is part of the Great Wall of China, one of the largest rivers in the world , the Yellow River and one of the largest deserts in the world , the Gobi Desert.

7th Yunnan

This province in southern China has an area of ​​436,200 square kilometers and is one of the richest Chinese regions in terms of biodiversity.

6th Heilongjiang

With 463,600 square kilometers, this province is the most northeast of all Chinese territory, bordering Russia.

5th Sichuan

This province is located in the central part of the Chinese territory and has 487,000 square kilometers.

4th Qinghai

This Chinese province has 721,000 square kilometers, but it is still one of the Chinese provinces with the least population.

3rd Nei Menggu

Starting on the podium of the Chinese provinces with the most area we have Nei Menggu, an autonomous region that mostly borders Mongolia and covers an area of ​​1,177,500 square kilometres.

2nd Tibet

The Tibet Autonomous Region is China’s 2nd largest province , with 1,221,600 in a territory under political dispute between the People’s Republic of China and the Dalai Lama.

1st Xinjiang

The largest province in China by area is Xinjiang province with an area of ​​1,646,900 square kilometers and is located in Northwest China, bordering Russia and Mongolia, among other countries.

List of the 10 Largest Provinces in China

Position province name Area (km2)
1 Xinjiang 1,646,900
two Tibet 1,221,600
3 Nei Menggu 1,177,500
4 Qinghai 721,000
5 Sichuan 487,000
6 Heilongjiang 463,600
7 Yunnan 436,200
8 gansu 366,500
9 Guangxi 220,400
10 Hunan 210,500