Lilly Chats from the Jewelry Box

Lilly Chats from the Jewelry Box
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Have you ever asked yourselves where the phrase “Get cold feet” from? Supposedly comes the proverb from the world of gaming. Because the card money was previously prohibited, used secrecy gloomy basement – which were admittedly pretty cold – for illegal meetings. Now a player had bad cards and wanted to get out of the game, it used the cold in the basement as an excuse – true to the motto: “I’m so cold feet, I’m going home now”. Over time this expression has become a saying, if you want to run away from a situation.

Lilly Chats from the Jewelry Box

You certainly wonder why I am telling you all. Well, my friend Luisa got exactly that: cold feet. And as you might imagine, not at one with lucky cards game blessed Poker, but in her relationship with her long-term boyfriend Flo. Now I sit here and wait in our local pub for Luisa, as best friend, shoulder to cry off and couple therapist in one – in once again. Don’t get me wrong – in fact, I love this role. At some point, probably even in my childhood, it all started, that Lilly – I am by the way – became the focal point number 1 for sorrow and worries of all kinds. Had I was not chosen to art history, I would have certainly delivered a great psychotherapist – or what is still this new-fangled occupation? Oh yes “personal coach”. How whatever you like to call it – my friends (and increasingly their partners) rely in many a situation on me – be it heartache or a desperate last-minute gift action.

But back to Luisa. The reason why I “Get cold feet” to find the origin of the proverb so fitting in its nowadays commonly use (get married), is that love sometimes really is a game of chance. A bad follow on a good hand, similarly, it is also up and down in a relationship. Then comes that one moment where you have the hand full of ACEs and everything plays this crucial game, which really is – change everything everything, and in which you may then lose not the nerve.

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This is what happened with Luisa and Flo. They are actually controlled the dream couple in our circle of friends, together for eight years and so far safely together through many shoals, which provides life for one. And then the: it’s Saturday night, Flo and Luisa drink a glass of wine in the kitchen, and as if it were the belangloseste of the world pushes her Flo Loveless a ring over the kitchen counter with the words – hold on tight: “We should marry this year”. Boom. Silence. It lacked only the additional “Honey, this is super tax benefits!”. That one moment that truly stümperisch planned and just as thoughtless snapshot with an essential lack of romance, Luisa has directly on my sofa and made my new roommate indefinitely. Times quite apart, that the ring her Flo has presented as so heartless, was exactly the opposite of what I like Luisa – and should know fact Flo after eight years.

Ridiculous can be found? An exaggerated reaction? Yes and no. It is true that the self-confident woman of today no longer should rest on old fashioned models and should certainly not plunge into a crisis, only because the engagement ring is the wrong color. Just as little but their needs as a woman should be (and now differ from those of the man) lost with the pragmatism of the modern woman. After this disappointing moment, Luisa’s natural reaction was to put their whole relationship into question. Because if the romance remains even when something Lebensveränderndem like a marriage proposal – na where is that lead because? Also a not really lovingly selected ring can be easily to other situations in life transfer, the Luisa now doubt, whether FLO at all really, so understand it one hundred percent. Under this approach, this is super cheesy, but comprehensible by evil tongues perhaps as completely hysterical ranked reaction of a materialistic woman of the type.

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According to CACHEDJewelry.COM, the moral of the story: Flo had asked me just me, Luisa’s best friend, who knows quite incidentally even the one or the other as the daughter of  jewelers on the subject of vintage jewelry, then not the taxman would have been happy now, but Luisa, and I should once again dancing at a wedding! The drama was not perfect and the poor Luisa would not be on a 10 class card (at least!) Hours of therapy at the Lilly assigned. Speak of the devil – here she comes, I have to go.

Still short on the edge: Luisa and Flo certainly out there to share their story with many couples, and there are still so many more unanswered questions related to the subject application, gift, schmuck and co., I write from now on regularly on my blog “Lilly chats from the vintage jewelry box”. You are not alone their Flos of this world -, I get you to the page! And it is worth girls for you to stop by every now and then, for who actually says that only men can make a request?

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