List of Arizona Universities

List of Arizona Universities

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Arizona is a US state in the south-west of the country and borders Mexico in the south.

Large parts of the state form the desert in which the famous Grand Canyon is located, which is formed by the Colorado River.

First American Indian reservation

Even before the colonization by the Spaniards, some Indian tribes lived in this area. The Hohokam culture was located in southern Arizona for a long time. After the settlers had already founded several cities in the region, the region belonged to Mexico for some time after it became independent. In the 19th century, the area became the first American Indian reservation. Through the border with Mexico, there has always been a large stream of immigrants from the south.

Nature and sightseeing go hand in hand here

Not only the Grand Canyon is popular with visitors.

The many national parks and the natural area including the desert are also worth a visit. Due to the dry desert climate in Arizona there are often very high temperatures during the day and often low temperatures at night. The temperature differences are mainly due to the proximity to the Rocky Mountains.

Due to the desert climate, a lot of different cacti grow here. Many species are well known and the palm lilies are also very common. In the mountainous regions of Arizona there are dense forests that can stretch to the summit. There are also some bears in these areas.

In Arizona there is not only interesting nature and breathtaking landscapes but also centuries-old archaeological excavation sites. Many of the old cities are still preserved. At the time Arizona was still on the border of the United States, there were many of the so-called frontier cities here. Some of them are still preserved today.

The Grand Canyon isn’t the only canyon worth visiting in Arizona. Especially in the north there are beautiful landscapes that are criss-crossed by canyons. In the south of Arizona lies the great desert, which with its vast, lonely landscapes and its cacti make for a special experience.

Phoenix – Valley of the Sun

Phoenix is ​​a city in the United States and the capital of the state of Arizona. Because of its sunny climate, Phoenix is ​​also nicknamed Valley of the Sun – Valley of the Sun. Anyone who knows this area knows that Phoenix is ​​located in the Sonora Desert. In summer it can get up to 50 °C here. Despite the heat, the climate here is considered pleasant, as it is very dry and the heat thus appears less intense. In winter there are a few days temperatures below 0 °C. Today Phoenix, including the adjacent urban areas, has a population of around 4 million.

The Salt River flows right through the south of Phoenix. The desert in which Phoenix is ​​located is surrounded by many mountain ranges. In the north are the McDowell Mountains, in the south there are the South Mountain Park and the Estrella Mountains, in the west the White Tanks and in the east the Superstition Mountains.

The environment – mountains and desert with lots of sun

Around Phoenix there is a landscape that you can hardly find in Europe. Phoenix would be worth a visit at any time just because of the mountains and the Sonoran Desert. For nature lovers there are plenty of opportunities to explore the area. Many of the hiking trails can be started from the city or can be reached by bus. The Phoenix Desert Preserve offers visitors signposted hiking trails and plenty of places to learn about nature and local history. Picnic trips are also popular. Special places are also signposted here. You can go on challenging hikes here or just go for a walk with your family.

Phoenix – Sunny vacation destination

For those who prefer to experience culture and history instead of plunging into nature, Phoenix offers a number of museums and institutions where everyone can find something interesting. For sports fans, Phoenix offers events in baseball, football, basketball and even hockey. There are several museums here. Many of the museums deal with nature and the desert, for example the Desert Botanical Garden. For history lovers, the Phoenix Museum of History has many different exhibits. Since Phoenix also has a strong connection to industry, aerospace, there is a lot to see in these areas too. Phoenix also has tons of parks to relax in. For those who want to visit Phoenix with their children there are also plenty of water parks here.

Al Collins Graphic Design School

Students may pursue a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in graphic design. View a list of programs, and admissions guidelines.


Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Offers admissions and application info, faculty bios and a mission statement. Includes an overview of the financial aid process.


Arizona Graduate Program in Public Health

Gain an overview of the public-health graduate program, including its mission, admissions, degree requirements and internship information.


Arizona School of Health Sciences – Physician Assistant

Regional campus of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine teaches physician-assistant studies. Find out about admissions procedures.


Arizona School of Professional Psychology

Peruse the degrees and programs offered by this school. Includes application info, related links and contact details.


Arizona Western College – English as a Second Language

Resource about the ESL program at this Arizona university. Browse a faculty list, and get contact information.


Arizona Western College – Financial Aid Services

Find answers to questions about financial aid, including details about scholarship opportunities. Investigate who can apply.


Art Institute of Phoenix – Computer Animation

Get an overview of the computer animation associate and bachelor’s degrees. Presents a gallery, recognition section, a map and housing details.


DeVry Institiute of Technology Phoenix

Find a description of this school’s career services, student-finance and scholarship programs, and community outreach programs.


DeVry Institutes – Scholarships

Finance an education at DeVry Institute in Phoenix with scholarships for high school and college students. Find out how to apply.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. – Alumni Association

Describes services provided by the association and offers news and event information. Meet others in the discussion forum.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Private university in Prescott offers forums for discussion of papers submitted for plenary review as well as its academic policies.


Embry-Riddle Univ. – Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Aeronautical university in Prescott, Arizona, introduces the electrical engineering curriculum, and posts a personnel directory.


Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Expansion program of the Taliesin Fellowship instructs students on Frank Lloyd Wright’s methods. Apply for an apprenticeship.


Glendale Community College – College Book Center

Free Scantrons and bluebooks are offered at this shop in Glendale, Arizona, across the street from Glendale Community College. Reserve books.


Henderson State University – Police Department

Defenders of the campus community share crime prevention tips and phone numbers. Discover statistics or investigate the lost and found.


Midwestern University, Glendale – Physician Assistant

Arizona branch of Midwestern University offers an overview of its physician-assistant program. Study the curriculum and read about financial aid.


Pima County Community College Libraries

Connects to indexes or texts of articles from magazines and journals. With links to Tucson-area libraries.


Prescott College

Arizona school “recognized for leadership in the field of student-character development” describes its MA program for working adults.


Prescott College – Alumni Association

Discusses the group’s events and mission. Read about the membership process.


Prescott College – Environmental Studies Program

Explains the Residence Degree Program, which allows students to obtain a degree in four different disciplines, including environmental studies.


Rio Salado College

Arizona school uses high schools, libraries, community centers and computer labs located in and around Phoenix. Read its mission statement.


Southwestern College

College provides a biblical education to students. Includes a calendar of events, information about majors and degrees and contact details.


The Arizona School of Health Sciences

Take a look at alumni news, admissions info and details about student services. Includes an overview of majors and programs.


Western International University

School describes its Phoenix and Chandler, Ariz., campuses and programs. With links to details of particular interest to international students.


Western International University – Information Systems

Master’s program in Information Systems Engineering posts admissions and graduation requirements and details its curriculum.


Yavapai College

Yavapai County, Arizona, school describes its resources, online courses and admissions policies. Take a tour of the school.


List of Arizona Universities

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