List of South Dakota Universities

List of South Dakota Universities

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American College of Preventive Medicine

Institution focuses on disseminating information and promoting public policy. Find a link to employment opportunities.


Huron University

Get registration and financial info, and explore student life and services at this university. Take a RealVideo look at the campus.


Mount Marty College

Catholic, liberal arts school in Yankton boasts its ranking as one of America’s best college buys. Offers 24 career-oriented degree programs.


National American University

Private multi-campus institution has a home campus in Rapid City, South Dakota. Find pages for current, past and prospective students.


Rodeos & Pow Wows, South Dakota

Pierre is not only located in the center of South Dakota, but is also the capital of the state. In addition to the impressive State Capitol that dominates the city center, there is a stronghold of rodeo riding on the other side of the Missouri River with Fort Pierre. At the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center, take a trip into the history of this ancient American sport and learn more about the nine-time world champion Casey Tibbs and trick rider Mattie Goff Newcombe.

The Days of ´76 Museum in Deadwood honors the first settlers who came to the Black Hills as miners in 1876. A very special event takes place once a year in Deadwood: the award-winning Days of `76 Rodeo. Around mid-July, rodeos in various classes have been held here and a colorful parade through Deadwood since 1924 – for a whole weekend.

Pow Wows
Hundreds of dancers, singers, artists and thousands of spectators from all over the world flock to the Black Hills Pow Wow every year. Colorful costumes, various shows and events, parades and sporting competitions are on the agenda this weekend. In addition, the Indian peoples present their masterly handicrafts. The Black Hills Pow Wow always takes place in Rapid City in early October.

The Oglala Nation Pow Wow and Rodeo is held annually in Pine Ridge, southwest South Dakota. On the first weekend in August, the Indian tribes meet in South Dakota to celebrate together, compete and make new friends. You will come as a “strange white man” but leave as a friend.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Hardly any other landmark is as famous as Mount Rushmore. The four presidential heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hills are America’s “shrine of democracy” carved in stone.

Each of the heads is around 18 meters high and represents the history of the United States of America: George Washington is the first American president and one of the founding fathers to represent the birth of the state. Under Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, the country grew and prospered as one of the leading forces in the new world. Lincoln, the 16th President, was instrumental in developing the United States into a modern industrialized country and abolishing slavery. Roosevelt is considered the patron saint of the magnificent landscapes of the United States. He initiated the establishment of numerous national parks and protected areas that inspire so many people today.

Discover this unique sight by following the Presidential Trail at the foot of the mountain through the lovely landscape of South Dakota. If possible, plan to spend the evening on the Grand View Terrace. The reddish glow of the sunset suits the four aged gentlemen well.

Highlights in the Mount Rushmore National Memorial

  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    Every year at the beginning of August thousands of motorcyclists meet in the Black Hills for one of the largest motorcycle events in the world. On their way, the drivers also take a break at Mount Rushmore. An impressive experience for both drivers and spectators.
  • Lighting Ceremony
    In the summer months there is a lighting ceremony every evening, in which the four heads of the president are illuminated and a lecture is given by the park rangers. You can also see a film about Mount Rushmore.
  • Audio Tour
    If you want to get more interesting information about the construction and the background of this monument on your way around Mount Rushmore, the audio tour is worthwhile.
  • Sculptor’s Studio
    Visit the place where Guzton Borglum, who was primarily responsible for Mount Rushmore, worked. Here you can also see a 1: 12 scale model of Mount Rushmore.

Facts & Figures

Construction period: 1927-1941

Foundation of the park: 1925

Area: 5.17 km²

Head height: approx. 18 m

Visitors: approx.2,150,000

List of South Dakota Universities

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