List of Washington DC Universities

List of Washington DC Universities

Provides list of 2-year colleges and 4-year universities in Alabama of 50 U.S. states. Includes school name, brief description, URL Internet website address, financial aid and employment information. Also covers related resources in Alabama, including yellow page list of all colleges and universities, state name related lyrics, comprehensive definitions of Alabama, as well as four year private universities in the area.

American Language Academy

ESL school offers college, high-school, special-needs, and executive programs throughout the US. Find course schedules, descriptions, and dates.



Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies at Georgetown University details its various research projects.


Duke Ellington School of the Arts – Museum Studies

Outlines what it hopes to impart to students about museum activities. Find contact information, sign the guestbook or search the site.


Georgetown University – American Studies

Academic program lists American studies resources and introduces its faculty. Get details on their projects and events.


GWU – Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Department at George Washington University describes its graduate and undergrad study programs in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.


Lado International College

Using the Total Approach Method for teaching English-language communication skills, the college offers courses at various levels.


Mary Washington College – Alumni Association

Guide offers a mission statement, officer profiles and publication links for this community group of MWC graduates.


National Defense University

Professional military education and research for Department of Defense, Department of State and other government agency staff.


National Defense University Library

Explore the library’s database, which includes military and civilian journals and the MERLIN system. Also find bibliographies.


Networked Media Center at Georgetown University

Division of the graduate program in communication, culture and technology at Georgetown University offers courses in Web technology.


Smithsonian Institution – Department of Anthropology

Browse exhibits, collections, news, project descriptions and a list of the department’s publications.


Washington Bible College – Alumni Association

Group supports and connects graduates from this Christian school located in Washington, DC. Complete the profile form.


  • COUNTRYAAH: Alphabetical list of national and state-wide business holidays in Washington DC. Includes all country wide and regional public holidays of 2020 in Washington DC.
  • ABBREVIATIONFINDER: Search for all abbreviations and acronyms that include the state names of Washington, DC. Visit the website now to learn any initials that contain the English word of Washington, DC.

In general, the American food scene is quite varied in large centers. Washington is one of those cities that has a bit of everything and caters for all types of tastes and budgets. As the capital of the United States is a center that brings together international organizations and more than 100 embassies from different countries, it is an easy place to find gastronomic specialties from all over the world and at all prices.

To get a little out of the classic fast foods, like hamburgers and hot dogs, you can venture into the flavors of cuisines that are difficult to find in Brazil. Salvadoran cuisine is a major highlight in the city, with Columbia Heights’ famous pupusas. It is a thick tortilla made from corn, which can be stuffed with cheese, pork or beans, and are accompanied by a sour cabbage salad and tomato sauce.

Another very attractive cuisine that you find in Washington is Ethiopian. The dishes usually contain braised spicy meats, vegetables and a typical bread called “injera”. The meal is made by hand, using the injera as the only tool to pick up the food. It is a very different experience for Brazilians. In the Shaw neighborhood, which includes Little Ethiopia, Ethiopian restaurants are concentrated.

The local cuisine is not very expressive, however, there is a very typical dish called “half-smoke”, which takes beef and smoked pork sausages. They are served on a hot dog bun and topped with herbs, onions and chili sauce. You can usually find this snack on food trucks, especially at the National Mall. Another American delicacy found in Washington and that we already know a lot is the cupcake. It is common to see cupcakerias with lines that go beyond the block! In fact, in any cafe you find the most beloved sweet cupcake in the country.

If you have promised to allow yourself a high-end meal for at least one day, be aware that most of the upscale restaurants are in West End, East End, Georgetown and Dupont Circle, a region where politicians, executives, but also many tourists, as it is the area where the sights are.

In order to find the best of fast food, just take a stroll through Penn Quarter, where there are famous American snack bars. And when you feel you need something more nutritious, a visit to the Eastern Market will invigorate you with dozens of options for fresh food and other artisanal products. Another way to make a healthier meal is in the restaurants of the various museums, which generally offer more elaborate dishes.

The times with the highest flow of visitors in the capital of the United States coincide with two very different events: the sessions of Congress and the spring. The first is to fill the city with policies that participate in conferences and other policy-related activities. The second, on the other hand, marks the appearance of cherry blossoms and this attracts travelers from all parts, as the phenomenon makes the city much more charming! These two events that move the capital of the United States take place in January and June, with June being the busiest month. Consequently, this is the most expensive time to visit Washington, as accommodation and ticket prices tend to rise.

If you are not keen on being in the city at the time of flowers, then it is better to go in late August or early September, as Congress is not active and school holidays end, making families return to their homes. . At that time hotel prices drop and many offer attractive promotions. Another good time to visit Washington is between mid-November and early January, when Congress is also down and families stay home for Thanksgiving celebrations, meaning the city is more empty. Although it is the coldest month, temperatures are relatively mild, with very sporadic snow.

However, if you are not spending a summer, it is good to know that the weather at that time is very hot and humid and sometimes even unpleasant. So, prepare that suitcase with fresh clothes! Between mid-June and mid-September there are several outdoor shows, festivals, parades and other events on the street. The main party is the Independence Day, which takes place on July 4th.

List of Washington DC Universities

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