List of Washington Universities

List of Washington Universities

Provides list of 2-year colleges and 4-year universities in Alabama of 50 U.S. states. Includes school name, brief description, URL Internet website address, financial aid and employment information. Also covers related resources in Alabama, including yellow page list of all colleges and universities, state name related lyrics, comprehensive definitions of Alabama, as well as four year private universities in the area.

Access Washington Education

Explore this directory for Washington State community and technical colleges.


Art Institute of Seattle

Washington school offers design, fashion, media-arts and culinary-arts programs. Get admissions and course information.


Associates Students – University of Puget Sound

Gain insight into the student government and life on this college campus. Link to student home pages or check out upcoming events.


Clark College – Women’s Studies

Look at details about this Vancouver college’s program. Includes course descriptions and a faculty list.


Columbia Basin College Student Support Services

Provides academic advising, educational counseling and tutoring to needy students. Includes a complete overview of services.


Columbia Basin College Upward Bound

Program helps at-risk students complete high school and prepare for college. Includes details about classes, news, and events.


Faith Seminary – Divinity Program

Search this extensive catalog to find degree requirements for the Master of Divinity program. Provides educational philosophy and school history.


Lower Columbia College Student Support Services

Offers academic advising, tutoring, career planning and guidance to students who need support. Includes contact information for more details.


National Simulation Resource

University of Washington offers info on its National Simulation Resource Facility for Circulatory Transport and Exchange.


Northwest College – Alumni

Graduates of this Kirkland, Wash., school can click here to find the association’s objectives, sponsored events and contact details.


Saint Martin’s College

Four-year Catholic college presents its profile. Obtain an application for the school in Lacey, Washington.


Saint Martin’s College – Alumni and Friends

Association of this institution’s former students posts its contact details, mission statement and a list of its staff members.


Seattle Central Academic Assistance Center

Offers details about counseling, career resources, and student leadership to needy students. Includes faculty and staff bios and information.


Seattle Community College District – Safety & Security

Check event info, statistical data, tutorial guides, and emergency procedures to decide whether this department achieves its stated mission.


Skagit Valley Student Support Services

Provides details about student support services to needy students. Includes eligibility requirements and links to related resources.


North Cascades National Park, Washington

The North Cacades National Park in northern Washington, on the border with Canada, is the least visited national park in the United States. Visitors who venture out quickly realize that this cannot be due to a lack of beauty.

It is essentially due to the fact that the park is not developed for tourism. Only the surrounding valleys, the National Recreation Areas, offer the usual luxury and comfort. Otherwise there is hardly any infrastructure on the over 2000 square meters of the national park, which only includes the highlands – a single road leads into the park. But once you’ve made it, nothing stands in the way of your thirst for adventure.

Hike through the dense forests at dizzying heights, climb the most beautiful of the 300 glaciers of the North Cascade Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountains – and discover enchanted places where no one has ever set foot on the ground in front of you has set.

The park is divided into a northern and southern part by the valley of the Skagit River with its three reservoirs. The visitor center is located in Newhalem. In addition to information and exhibitions on the nature and history of the region, rangers offer guided programs and short hikes. Hiking trails lasting several hours also demand passionate outdoor fans, multi-day hikes through the mountain landscapes are among the most exciting things the USA has to offer. Tours to the three dams in the region are offered as well as motorboat tours that take you deep into the wilderness.

Don’t just drive past this hidden treasure, come to northern Washington – and enjoy a unique adventure in the mountains of the North Cascades.

Highlights in the North Cascades National Park

  • Tours Take
    a tour to e.g. B. on Diablo Lake to enjoy the wide mountain landscapes from a different perspective. Tours through Newhalem and the Gorge Powerhouse are also available.
  • Cascade Loop
    A real adventure ride awaits you at the Cascade Loop. The various highways run around the southern part of Cascades National Park and through different regions of central Washington. Of course, it is also worthwhile to drive a section of this fascinating tour.
  • Stehekin
    The small village of Stehekin is located below the southern part of the Cascades National Park on Lake Chelan and can only be reached by ferry or seaplane. Enjoy pure nature, a delicious meal at the Stehekin Pastry Company or go on a bike tour. Here you can relax in total seclusion.

Information about the North Cascades National Park

Foundation: 1968

Area: 2,045 km²

Highest point: Goode Mountain (approx.2,810 m)

Visitors: approx.22,000

Olympic National Park, Washington

The Olympic National Park is one of the most fascinating national parks in the United States. On a peninsula west of the metropolis of Seattle you come across three completely different natural landscapes: the 117 km long wild and untamed coast, the thick thicket of the jungle – and the towering, snow-covered mountains of the Olympic Mountains. The park was founded in 1938 to preserve the unique interplay of the different landscape forms and to protect the wild animals living here.

The rugged coastline
The long coastline is peppered with rugged rocks, of which often only the contours can be seen in the foggy coastal area. At the latest when the surf hits the rock, you will notice that something defies the violence of the water. Tree trunks, which the strong wind has snatched from the dense forests on the banks, line the beach areas. Bald eagles and ospreys are lurking in the tree tops and are looking for food in the ocean. Sea otters and seals – just like whales in the spring months – make their way through the sea.
Take multi-day hiking trips on the coast of the Olympic National Park, soak up the beauty of nature – or just let your mind wander. It is worth it!

The rainforest
Trees that are so old that they experienced the world before the arrival of human civilization and that are as tall as small skyscrapers shape the image of the rainforest in the Olympic National Park. Take hikes along rushing mountain rivers, breathe in the fresh air – and feel small and insignificant for a moment when you look at the giant trees. Incidentally, the Olympic National Park, apart from Alaska and Hawaii, is the rainiest point in the USA.

Snow Covered Mountains
From Port Angeles you can reach the Hurricane Ridge on a 27 kilometer mountain road. On clear days you can see from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center from 1,600 m up to the interior of the park with its deep, often fog-covered valleys, snow-covered glaciers and deep green forests. To the north, the best conditions allow a view to Vancouver Island in Canada. The park offers an impressive playground, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers: Countless hiking trails lead past crystal-clear lakes and raging rivers through the various mountain areas and valleys.

Highlights in the Olympic National Park

  • Lighthouses
    The eight historic lighthouses are located along the beautiful coast of the Olympic Peninsula. Many of them are great for taking beautiful photos in front of the blue waters of the Pacific.
  • Waterfall Trail
    The Waterfall Trail takes you to the most beautiful waterfalls in the Olympic National Park. From small waterfalls on the coast to the large rivers in the mountains, you will be able to see some beautiful places across the peninsula.
  • Neah Bay
    Neah Bay is located on the northernmost tip of the Olympic Peninsula. With its rich Indian history and fantastic location, it is one of the must-sees in the region. From here you should also drive the Cape Flattery Road to the spectacular rugged coastline of the same name.
  • Discovery Trail
    One of the best ways to get to know the Olympic National Park is the Discovery Trail. It runs from Townsend in the east of the peninsula to La Push on the Pacific Ocean, just behind Forks. Go for a spin on a mountain bike or hike a few kilometers.

Information about the Olympic National Park

Foundation: 1938

Area: 3,733 km²

Highest point: Mount Deception (approx. 2,374 m)

Visitors: approx.3,300,000

List of Washington Universities

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