List of Wyoming Universities

List of Wyoming Universities

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Central Wyoming College

Located in Fremont county, near the town of Riverton. Explore admissions criteria, student services and academic programs, and meet the faculty.


Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College

Provides training and education for trial lawyers and judges. Includes course information, alumni links, and seminar details.


Sheridan College – Police Department

Discover profiles and contact data for the officers at this school and learn how to join the department. Shares a mission statement.


Western Wyoming Community College – Job Opportunities

View detailed job descriptions for open positions. Download and complete WWCC Application form to apply.


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Devils Tower, Wyoming

The Devils Tower National Monument on the northwestern edge of the Bear Lodge Mountains in northeastern Wyoming is a legendary place. Almost out of nowhere, a tower-like obelisk sprouts 265 meters high towards the sky over the Black Hills. Over 60 million years ago, magma began to make its way from the interior of the earth to the surface of the then high plateau.

Then it crystallized in the typical hexagonal columns that you can still find today. The plateau eroded over millions of years and the solidified magma remained as a stump. The Devil Tower was named Theodor Roosevelt’s first National Monument in the United States in 1906. Today you have the opportunity to take a closer look or even climb up, which only about 1% of the annual visitors are able to do.

It is therefore no wonder that numerous Indian myths have grown up around the strange rock formation. The Devils Tower (German: “Teufelsturm”) owes its name to a translation error: The Kiowa Indians originally called the tower “Mateo Tepee”, which means “home of the grizzly bear”. According to their legend, the Devils Tower was created when 7 small Indian girls played in the woods and were suddenly chased by several grizzlys. In panic, the girls sought refuge on a small boulder. They pleaded for salvation in the face of the rushing bears when the rock unexpectedly started to rise. Out of anger, the bears scratched the shape known today with their claws into the rock and the girls continued to grow to the sky with the rock, where they can still be seen today as the Pleiades star group.

Highlights at the Devils Tower

  • Devils Tower
    Since the area around the Devils Tower is managed by the National Park Service, its pages also offer a lot of useful information about the pillar of lava rock and its surroundings.
  • Black Hills
    The Black Hills in southern South Dakota are only about an hour away and offer endless opportunities for leisure activities.
  • New Haven Ranch
    The popular New Haven Ranch is just 20 miles from the Devils Tower.

Facts & Figures

Foundation: 1906

Area: 5.5 km²

Visitors: approx. 395,000

Height: approx. 265 meters

Diameter: approx. 150 m

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson lies in a lush, green valley. The place maintains its cowboy image. Here you will find wooden footpaths, the so-called “boardwalks”, wooden facades line the streets and cowboy bars and guest ranches attract numerous visitors.

A highlight for all adventurers are rubber boat rides on the Snake River, which are organized by several providers in Jackson. A trip to Signal Mountain offers a breathtaking view of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake, the Snake River and the entire Jackson Hole valley.

Of course, a trip to the Grand Teton National Park with its huge mountain range, which dominates the Jackson Hole valley with its peaks over 4,000 meters high, is also worthwhile. If you have a little more time, you can explore the beautiful mountains on a long hike. There is also plenty of evening entertainment in Jackson. There is live music in many bars, of course country & western. An absolute must is the million dollar cowboy bar. Here you can enjoy the lively atmosphere on western saddles.

Highlights in Jackson

  • Grand Teton National Park
    The characteristic mountain range of the Tetons is a unique sight. The region offers unique impressions in summer and winter.
  • Yellowstone National Park
    Wyoming is also the oldest national park in the world. Breathtaking flora and fauna, geysers, mud pots, waterfalls and much more are waiting to be discovered by you.
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
    Known as a challenging ski area, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers top-class skiing fun. Hikes through the green mountains are worthwhile in summer.
  • National Elk Refuge
    The protected area established in 1912 is home to over 7,500 moose in winter, making it the largest herd of moose in the world. However, other animal species such as wolves and grizzly bears as well as more than 140 bird species live in the area.
  • National Museum of the Wildlife Art
    The museum not only offers an impressive view of the National Elk Refuge, but also knows how to impress with numerous works of art. As the name suggests, these works address the breathtaking nature around Jackson and the nearby national parks.

Facts & Figures

Foundation: 1894

Population: approx.10,000

Area: 7.64 km²

Height: 1,901 m

Airport: Jackson Hole Airport

List of Wyoming Universities

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