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Marshall Islands Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Marshall Islands

According to AREACODESEXPLORER.COM, Marshall Islands is a country located in Oceania. Media distribution in the Marshall Islands is very limited. Kwajalein Hourglass is published twice a week and the Marshall Islands Journal every Friday.

There is a state commercial radio, Radio Marshalls, and a couple of privately owned stations. The Marshall Islands also has a privately owned TV channel. The US Treasury operates a radio and a TV station.


According to CALCULATORINC, the people of the Marshall Islands have traditionally been skilled navigators and have been able to travel with their canoes over great distances on the high seas.

Charts are still made of linked sticks and seashells. Nowadays they are hardly used, but are mainly intended for tourists.

According to ZIPCODESEXPLORER.COM, the traditional communities in the Marshall Islands form a complicated, socially stratified system of matrilinear clans, that is, large families in which land and titles are inherited on the mother’s side. However, the transition to monetary economics has meant that women have gradually lost control of the earth.

The chieftains still have a significant influence in society. It was not until 2000 that a person without an inherited chieftaincy title was elected president.

Marshall Islands Culture

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