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Newspapers in Monaco

Monaco is the seat of international broadcasting. Radio Monte Carlo was founded in 1942 by France, Germany and Italy and since 1945 is almost entirely owned by the French state but is to be privatized. Trans World Radio (founded in 1955) is a multilingual Christian station. Télé Monte Carlo (founded in 1954) has French and Italian TV broadcasts and TV1 Monte-Carlo exclusively Italian. French newspaper Nice-Matin publishes an edition in Monaco.


French and Italian cultural life predominates in the Principality, for geographical reasons and since the majority of the residents come from neighboring countries.

Mass Media

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Constitution, but there are restrictions on what the media is allowed to say about the princely family. Missing domestic newspapers.

The most read newspapers in Monaco are French, Italian and English. Some French newspapers, including Nice-Matin, cover Monaco in its reporting. There is also an official weekly magazine, the Journal de Monaco.

Radio Monte Carlo has a good reputation around the world and actually consists of two companies, one broadcasting from France in French and one broadcasting from Italy in Italian. Both also have some broadcasts from Monaco. The privately owned Riviera Radio broadcasts in English.

Since 1961 a TV festival is held every year in Monaco.


Percentage of the population using the internet

97 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

85 (2018)

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