Motorhome Adventures in Western Australia

Motorhome Adventures in Western Australia

Western Australia is for the adventurous. There are few tourists, lots of adventure, a varied wildlife, good diving and snorkeling, fantastic wine, surfing and nice atmosphere.

This is a travel suggestion for you who want to travel in Western Australia on your own. After two nights in Perth, you travel exactly how and where you are during the next 17 days.

From Perth, you can choose to travel north up the coast via the Pinnacles Desert, Kalbarri National Park, which offers stunning views from Nature’s Window and visit Monkey Mia’s curious dolphins and see whale sharks and manta rays at the Ningalo River between April and June. From here you can head to the Karijini National Park where you can hike in the area’s many gorges and swim under the waterfalls. From Karijini you can continue south through the wilderness to the Margaret River and enjoy fine wine, hiking and surfing. If you have time left, you can continue up to Fremantle before returning the motorhome in Perth. See localbusinessexplorer for information about Australia.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Day 2-5: Perth

We have booked the first three nights at a centrally located hostel in Perth. Spend your days exploring cozy Perth and the surrounding area. Take an excursion to Fremantle or take a cruise along the Swan River. Hike in Kings Park or look for tricky little quocks on Rottnest Island.

Day 5- 21: Road trip

After a few days in Western Australia’s largest city, you pick up your motorhome and travel for the next 17 days exactly where you want. Freedom is the main theme of this trip – but we are happy to help with some suggestions for exciting places to stay. Some of our favorites along Australia’s west coast:


Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is located on both sides of the Swan River, about 20 km from the Indian Ocean. It is a multicultural city, and therefore you will find culinary specialties from everything from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Go on a day trip to Rockingham, where it is possible to swim with dolphins.

The Pinnacles Desert This desert is best known for its yellow sand and limestone cliffs. Put on your hiking boots and explore this fantastic landscape on foot. The best time to experience the Pinnacles Desert is shortly after sunrise. There are also plenty of kangaroos in the area.


Kalbarri National Park has a real outback atmosphere, fantastic nature, wild kangaroos and good hiking trails. Also, do not miss Murchison River Gorge, Nature’s Window and Z Bend.

Monkey Mia

Stop at beautiful Shell Beach, see sharks and rays at Shark Bay and see the world’s oldest living organisms, so-called stromatolites. You can stay at Denham overnight, where you can swim or paddleboard in the area’s lagoons. Go on an excursion to the local Aborigines, who tell stories and where you can learn more about their culture. In addition, they teach you how to play didgeridoo and how to live in harmony with nature. In the morning you can get close to the area’s dolphins and paddle sea kayaks in Monkey Mia.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is right on the Ningalo River. It is a cozy resort that consists of only a few campsites, a few houses, a small shopping center, two diving centers and a couple of resorts. The nature is beautiful and the beach is large with good snorkeling opportunities. The highlight of the area is snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks (season March to July).


From March to July you can go here to snorkel and see the sea’s biggest fish, the whale shark. You can also go on a guided tour of Cape Range National Park and see the eroding sandstone cliffs, deep ravines and the 50 km long, pristine beach. Take a snorkeling trip at beautiful Turquoise Bay or enjoy the sunset from Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Exmouth also offers fantastic diving.


In Karijini National Park, you will see 2.5 billion years of evolution and 40,000 years of culture. Here you can hike in the many canyons, swim in beautiful water holes, stand under waterfalls and explore exciting cliffs such as Hancock Gorge, Weano Gorge, Handrail Pool, Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool and many more.

Margaret River

In the area around Margaret River you will find lots of wineries, good restaurants, nice coastal towns, beautiful nature, hiking trails and not least really good surfing.


The port city of Fremantle is known for its relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and the resort also offers beautiful beaches, good restaurants, galleries, cafes and an exciting market.

Day 22: Return trip

After beautiful days and adventures on the west coast of Australia, it’s time to return to Perth, return the motorhome and start the journey home.

Day 23: Homecoming

Overnight stays

Three nights at a hostel in Perth
Sixteen nights in budget camps

Motorhome Adventures in Western Australia

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