My Vintage Dream in Partnership with Dear Ms

My Vintage Dream in Partnership with Dear Ms
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Today I tell a super news for you! Me and the store Dear Miss made a super partnership! For those who do not know the store Dear Miss is the pin-up brazilian Miss Tata and sells romantic-themed accessories/vintage, if you love all this, you’ll love knowing that comes surprise out there.
Joined the ability and talent of the Dear Miss and the style of who writes, to create two Pillbox made with much love and bearing the name of the blog.

But Bruna what is a Pillbox?
-Miss Tata explains:

” The English pillbox by the format reminiscent of the old medicine boxes made of paper and cloth or leather, have round shape, to be used at the top of the head and can be used a little hand, without tabs.

It was part of the Roman Empire’s military attire and even today still part of some uniforms, such as the Royal Military College of Canada. Became popular in the Decade of 60, when Jackie Kennedy wore with tailleurs, but entered the locker room in 1930, with actress Greta Garbo.
This model of Hat gained popularity among women due to your simplicity and elegance.
The Pillbox hats were usually made of wool, velvet, organdy, mink, Bobcat or Fox-skin, and Leopard skin, among many other materials. They were generally designed in solid colors but could be adorned with an account, pearls or a pendant and could have a voillete.
Jacqueline Kennedy, first lady of the United States 1961-1963, was well known for his elegant looks using pillbox and was wearing a pink to match your outfit the day your husband President John f. Kennedy was murdered. ”
These were the two models created by us:

The pillboxs are included in Lili collection of autumn/winter 2015 coming full of colors, flowers and cuteness that will make your winter a lot more charming and colorful.
The collection Lili comes with many new features and of course, the pillbox which are exclusive pieces of Honey, the impressions and accessories inspired by the pieces of bakelite from the Decade of 40s and 50s.
The name Lili is a tribute to this Ford F3 1948 that besides being the car used in the editorial of the collection also inspired the creation of the pieces in shades of blue and green that are the new colors of the visual identity of the QS.
And of course … I’ve got mine!

Ready for a surprise?
According to Sunglassestracker, if you loved and was super interested (the) know that the blog My vintage dream will give away the second model there on the page.
Check out the link to Giveaway:

For purchases and more information: Dear Miss.