Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

According to abbreviationfinder, Nassau is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, it is located on the northwest coast of the island of New Providence, it was founded in 1670 and rebuilt by former privateer Woodes Rogers in 1718. Today it is a flourishing city that receives more than a million tourists annually.


In 1670, King Charles II of England granted the islands of the Bahamas to six British owners, who brought English settlers from Bermuda to the island of New Providence.

They built a fortress and a city on the island which they named Charlestown, in honor of King Charles II. The city was burned to ashes by the Spanish in 1684, but is later rebuilt and renamed Nassau in 1695 in honor of King William III (formerly the Prince of Orange-Nassau) and successor to the throne of England.

Most of the residents of the city were pirates and corsairs, who were dedicated to looting the ships that sailed in the vicinity of the islands, the Spanish and French in the fight against these thugs of the sea, destroyed the city, being rebuilt by the population. In 1718, Britain declared the islands of the Bahamas a crown colony and appointed former privateer Woodes Rogers as the first royal governor, driving pirates out of the city, establishing law and order and rebuilding Fort Nassau.

In 1729 Rogers – who had left the island – returned at the request of the Bahamians and founded the first House of Assembly in the Bahamas, presiding over the British colony until death.

The assembly adopted Rogers’ official motto, “Expulsis Piratis, Restituta Commercia,” which means “Pirates Expelled, Commerce Restored.”

During the Revolutionary War, British Loyalists fleeing the United States in the 1770s settled in Nassau, modifying the city’s architecture, increasing population and prosperity.

During the Civil War and Prohibition, Nassau grew and prospered as it was ideally situated for the shipping of goods that were blockaded in the United States.


The archipelago of the Bahamas extends from the southeast of Florida to the northwest of the island of Hispaniola, and its geographical position is parallel to that of Cuba. The islands, islets and cays are the emerged part of the so-called Bank of the Bahamas, an area of marine shallows measuring 110 km².

The main islands are New Providence, where the capital is Nassau; Andros, the most extensive; Grand Bahama, the second most populous, and Great Abaco. The insular group is of coral formation, completed by aeolian sediments that make up a rocky landscape. The relief is flat, since the only undulations in the terrain are small sandy dunes. Nassau is located on the northwest coast of the island of New Providence, one of the greater Bahamas.


Nassau enjoys a mild climate, especially in the winter months, which has favored its development as a relevant tourist center, where visitors from the United States especially come.


Nassau’s population is approximately 248,948 residents, but every year it receives more than 1 million tourists, it has a population density of 22 residents per square kilometer. See population of Bahamas.


Nassau’s economy has flourished in recent years due to the large influx of tourists who travel to the capital each year, it is estimated that around 1,250,000 people visit the city throughout the year. The other main industry in Nassau, apart from tourism, is banking operations, since it has become a tax haven for many international companies that have decided to register their offices there.

Holidays and traditions

On July 10, Independence Day is celebrated; From February 1 to 13, the Nassau Carnival takes place.

Places of interest

Among the main attractions of the city are the tourist center of Paradise Island, which connects with Nassau through a bridge of about 460 meters in length, the Zoo and the Ardastra Gardens, among others. In addition to the transparent waters of its Caribbean beaches and its excellent seabed, the island of New Providence still has some nuclei of tropical jungle, which has a great variety of species.

Art and culture

The most requested objects are basketry articles; at the Nassau Straw Market, on Bay Street, you can find, at a great price, baskets, bags, hats and all kinds of handmade objects.

Nassau, Bahamas

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