New Zealand in Luxury Camps

New Zealand in Luxury Camps

Enjoy the freedom of your own camper on this road trip around New Zealand’s beautiful nature. Cozy small towns, fantastic beaches and plenty of hiking opportunities await you here.

There is hardly any more beautiful and diverse nature than that in New Zealand as featured on diseaseslearning. Outstanding experiences await around every corner and it is not many hours drive from delicious sandy beaches to volcanoes and snow-capped mountains. In New Zealand, you have everything within a manageable distance. In your own camper, you have complete freedom to decide the route and a good opportunity to get out into the nooks and crannies of the country, the small communities and the magnificent national parks that not many get to see.

Your journey begins with two days in Auckland on your own. Use them to experience the city on foot or for example on a boat trip around the harbor. Then pick up your camper and start your road trip in New Zealand. You have the camper for 21 days and with free miles you can freely set the course where it suits you. Once you have dropped off the camper in Christchurch, you will return to Scandinavia. On the way home, it is possible to make a stop in e.g. Sydney or Singapore. We also have plenty of New Zealand experts who can help you with travel-yourself routes, what you absolutely must not miss and tips on good campsites.

Day 1-2: Scandinavia-AucklandDay 3: Arrival in Auckland

You land in Auckland and take you to your hotel where you have two nights. After a long flight, it is always good to be able to get to your hotel room quickly and easily. Therefore, we have arranged the first two nights in a centrally located hotel in Auckland, so that your arrival will be as comfortable as possible. Auckland is a nice and easy city to find your way around – you can take a walk by the cozy marina or a ferry ride around the harbor.

Day 4: Out on an adventure

You now pick up your camper and the adventure begins. When you have free miles, you can plan your route exactly as you want – if you want tips and advice, just contact us. Below you see some of our favorites and suggestions:

  • Explore underground life in the dense seaweed forests around Poor Knights Island
  • Stand at the head of New Zealand at Cape Reinga
  • Take a walk among the majestic and almost spiritual Kauri trees in the Waipoua Forest
  • Enjoy the golden beaches of the Coromandel Peninsula
  • Try abseiling or take a boat trip under the “starry sky” in the impressive Waitomo Caves
  • Follow in the footsteps of the hobbits in Matamata
  • Get the Maori culture under your skin in Rotorua
  • Hike among volcanoes in Tongariro National Park
  • Find out more about New Zealand’s culture and history at the Te Papa National Museum in Wellington
  • Taste delicious white wine in Marlborough
  • Explore Abel Tasman National Park on land and at sea
  • Put on your nails and head to the glaciers Frans Jozef or Fox
  • Test your limits with a bungee jump in Queenstown
  • Go on a day cruise in the incredibly beautiful Milford Sound
  • Put on your bike helmet and go on an excursion on the Otago Rail Trail
  • Spend a few hours breathing over the incredibly beautiful Lake Tekapo
  • Snorkel with dolphins or go whale watching at Kaikoura
  • Treat yourself to a spa experience at Hanmer Springs
  • Go on a café and shopping tour in Re: Start mall in Christchurch

New Zealand offers a variety of experiences for people of all ages and the above are just a small selection of the delights.

Day 24: Departure from Christchurch

You leave your camper at Christchurch Airport and head home to Scandinavia.

Day 25: Homecoming

Overnight stays

Two nights in a hotel in Auckland
Twenty nights in your own camper

New Zealand in Luxury Camps

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