Niue State Overview

Niue State Overview

According to abbreviationfinder, Niue is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, known as the Rock of Polynesia. Although self-governing, it maintains a status of free association with New Zealand and is therefore a member of the Commonwealth. It is located about 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand, in a triangle between Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. It does not belong to the UN.


Niue’s first settlers were Polynesian travelers from Tonga, arriving around the 10th century. New settlers from Samoa arrived on the island around the 1440s. The European presence in Niue began in 1774 with the visit of Captain James Cook. who called it “Wild Island” due to the fierce opposition of the local population to the landing. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911, it seems that among the natives the fear had spread that foreigners would bring diseases that had already devastated other islands in the Pacific. The next major arrival was made by the London Missionary Society in 1846. For a short period it was a protectorate under the mandate of the United Kingdom, being transferred in 1901 to New Zealand. During World War I 150 Niuean men fought in the New Zealand Army. Independence as self-government was allowed by the New Zealand Parliament under the Niue Constitution Act of 1974. In January 2004, Niue was hit by Tropical Storm Heta which killed two people and caused great damage to the island causing many of the people whose houses had been destroyed did not rebuild them and left the island. See population of Niue.


One of its most important income for its economy is tourism, there are incredible landscapes and beautiful places to visit. This country is the first community WiFi country for everyone. Its currency is the New Zealand dollar, Niue is an autonomous island, but it is not fully sovereign of New Zealand. It relies heavily on help from New Zealand and other countries overseen by Queen Elizabeth II, therefore the residents of that island often use different currencies. In 2011 came the news that Star Wars coins would be released in New Zealand, they said that for the 2,000 residents of The Rock, as the island of Niue is known, the coins will have full legal validity. On the other side of each coin appears Queen Elizabeth II. The value of the coins if they are used to buy something in Niue is NZ $ 2 nothing more, it is better to keep them for collection. By January 30, 2012 they put into circulation coins in the form of puzzles with a message of love and union, curiously, days before Valentine’s Day.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $ 10.01 million (2003 est.) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – Real Growth Rate 6.2% (2003 est.) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita $ 5,800 (2003 est..) Population below poverty level NA% Income or consumption of the household by percentage Poorest 10%: NA% Richest 10%: NA% Inflation rate (consumer prices) 4% (2005) Labor force 663 (2001) Unemployment rate 12% (2001) Budget income: 15.07 million dollars Expenditures: 16.33 million dollars (FY04 / 05) Growth rate of industrial production NA% Exports 201,400 dollars (2004) Imports $ 9,038 million dollars (2004) External debt 418,000 dollars (2002 est.)


Electricity – production 3 million kWh (2010 est.) Electricity – consumption 2.79 million kWh (2010 est.) Electricity – exports 0 kWh (2012 est.) Electricity – imports 0 kWh (2012 est.) Natural gas – production 0 meters cubic meters (2011 est.) Natural gas – consumption 0 cubic meters (2010 est.)


Internet country Number of Internet servers 79,508 (2012) Number of Internet users 1,100 (2009)


Both the birth rate and mortality on the island are very low, which hinders the growth of a population that has been declining over the years.

Due to the isolation from the rest of the world, neither AIDS nor malaria have reached the island. There have ever been cases of hepatitis, tuberculosis, and dengue. Medical assistance in Niue is free.

Virtually all Niueans are fluent in English other than Niuan, their official language.

The traditional sports of the island are “tika” (similar to the javelin), coconuts and bowling for women.

Niue is the place with the rarest legal coins in the world. In 2001 they used Pokémon character coins. In 2011 they put some Star Wars coins into circulation. In 2012 coins came out in the form of puzzles with a message of love.

Crime does not officially exist in Niue.

Tourist places

Anaana is located on the southern coast and is an impressive spectacle of waves crashing violently on the reef. Tons of water fall on the madreporic formations together with natural blowers that launch the sea water at a great height.

Limu is located in the north and is one of the most beautiful places on the island. There are numerous caves and natural pools with crystalline waters, along with numerous and colorful species of coral, refuge for a multitude of fish.

Togo, with a path that crosses gigantic and sharp pinnacles of fossilized coral.

Anapala is the place where the gorge is located in whose grounds there is a beautiful natural pool of fresh waters.

Anatoloa is a cave that was the home of a terrible god. There are still bones in it and it is inhabited by pekapeka or bats.

Ulupaka, used as a place of refuge by the ancient residents of the island, is a cavern adorned by countless beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Tavala is a labyrinth of arches surrounded and covered with exuberant vegetation, with caves and natural pools.

Niue State Overview

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