Pictures of Couples in the Retro Style Is a Tendency

Pictures of Couples in the Retro Style Is a Tendency
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For more than the technological facility allow take a million pictures by cell phone, is a selfie or beside the person who loves you, the search for professional photos between couples have increased, after all, who doesn’t want to perpetuate the love your pictures of great quality and with a perfect production?

Believing in this trend, the couple Anna Stavale and Lester, her historian, photographer, teacher and passionate traveller, he journalist and fan of vinyls, decided to invest in photographs that tell stories of love, photographing couples in unforgettable moments and in special places so that those stories stay eternalized and inspire other people.

The trials of couples has become a dream for romantics and the search for retro-themed photos is growing, especially among those who want to translate the personality of the couple who got the spirit “antiguinhos”.

“The search for this type of photography has increased, people have discovered more and more retrocharm. Have arisen many product options of this style in the market and has become a big trend in photography. The retro brings a lot of magic, rediscover the old technologies. People love to be on stage, to play with analog cameras, records and record players, write in a machine. Not to mention vendors renting old cars for wedding decoration and also many women who like to do pin-up style trials.”, says Lucas to talk about the growth of this segment in the photographic market.

Among the tests performed for them, is the Mariana and Victor, together for 5 years. This was the first couple photographed for the Vintage Picnic series that consists of old appliances such as radio, turntable, records and of course, all the romantic mood of picnic in the Park and a lot of love.

The couple of photographers has an extensive range in your portfolio, photographing in addition to tests for couples in love, marriages, making of grooms, save the date and day after, always seeking to do everything with love of contact, the idea to click and editing, formatting and submission and delivery.

“We are passionate by the spontaneous smiles that do not fit in the mouth, by the looks of complicity and certainty, by the touch of the hand in another skin. And those simple moments eternizamos in photography”, says the couple in your site.