Radio Stories – Cult Tv Station Kwem Back on Air

Radio Stories – Cult Tv Station Kwem Back on Air
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More than half a century KWEM not – and that sent after the TV station inMemphis the first time had introduced artists such as Howling Wolf, b.b.King, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash a radio audience. Little more than a year ago, he was brought back to life. Since there are 24 hours every day online to listen to the music that made Memphis in the 40’s and 50’s to one of the most exciting spots in the world.

Live Stage For Everyone – Pay To Play At KWEM

Memphis was a fascinating place for lovers of modern music before the second world war.Especially on the weekend the rapidly growing town attracted hundreds of party willing men and women from the surrounding area spent their sour-earned money for alcohol and other vices in the pubs of the metropolis. The Blues provided the soundtrack to. The legendary “Beale Street” was the musical Centre of the city, first West Memphis evolved in the 40s and 50s to the place where are aspiring musicians earned their spurs. Includes such renowned names like b.b.King, Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, or Elmore James, artist who gave the Blues a new note – marked by sharp electric guitars and heavy drums are among them.

Radio played a central role for this musician long before the invention of the internets-. Since it opened the opportunity to reach a larger audience than the revelers gathered in the bars and pubs of Memphis. In this situation, the founded in 1947 radio station KWEM came just at the right. There – every musician could occur as at the WDIA – competitors, pioneered the wherewithal for it (whether alone or by a sponsor). The result was that a hardly imaginable today’s standards number of later famous musicians in the KWEM studios were giving the Jack. One of them occurred regularly, so for example blues legend Howling Wolf, who had his own daily show.

Blues, Country, Rockabilly

A special feature on KWEM was that the skin color of neither the program nor the public events of the transmitter played a role. Therefore, the program consisted not only of Blues. Alongside artists King white musician occurred such as B.B. and soon also representative of the early rockabilly. Belonged to them, for example, Charlie feathers, whose Salaudeen worked as a DJ at KWEM but also Johnny Cash, Scotty Moore and Elvis tried their luck at KWEM. The money for Johnny Cash’s show on KWEM paid cash’s former employer and sponsor of the transmitter, the “home equipment company”. This also meant that, in the intervals between the appearances, the virtues of porches and fences of the “home equipment company” were advertised by cash and the Tennessee Two.

An event that regularly transferred to the broadcaster for its popularity was “Saturday Night Jamboree”. Under the aegis of Hillbilly fan and radio host Joe Manuel a slew of emerging country and Rockabilly artists were here, which made it already clear where the musical journey in Memphis should go.

KWEM And Sun Records – From The Radio In The Studio

Sam Phillips was one of the most avid listeners of KWEM. Thus the radio station evolved Studio for some musicians to a back door into the fledgling Sun. So it went as the Howling Wolf known for his haunting stage show. When Sam Philips the first time on KWEM heard this, he allegedly says “this is for me. “This is where the soul of man never this.” Then he took the singer of “Moanin’at midnight”, that he at Chess Records release passed.

Many other artists who took Sam Phillips at the beginning of the 50s for other labels, were regular guests at KWEM. This included Ike Turner. Whose “Rocket 88” that was officially released under the name Jackie Brenston and his Delta cats, is regarded as the first rock and roll .Platte of history of music. Also Phillips a welcome musicians at KWEM attributed to the discovery of B.B. King, also.

The Sun Studio boss was not the only one who’s mid-50s realised the potential of the new mixture of white Hillbilly and black rhythm ´ n Blues. KWEM Manager Dick Stuart, the aforementioned brother-in-law of Charlie Feathers, worked for a time as the Manager of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. He was also car accident in 1955, sat behind the wheel when Carl Perkins and rammed a truck ahead, after he had fallen asleep.

End And A New Beginning Of KWEM

in 1960, KWEM closed its doors. Up to this point, a few hundred artists in the studios of the station in Memphis had played their music. Many of them were short on celebrities.This was considered an appearance at KWEM by any musician as a breakthrough. Rather, it was a possible first step to a great career, it had brought the 15 or 20 dollars to present their music in the premises of the transmitter.

It took over half a century until the legendary station resumed its operation. Today, KWEM can be heard 24 hours on the Internet. Mid-South Community College, which manages the historical legacies of KWEM is responsible. To listen there’s Blues, soul, Rockabilly and rock’n’ roll – not only from times long past, but always with a connection to the artists that previously occurred in the transmitter and often later conquered the rest of the world.