Retro Universe Interview Micheline Pitt

Retro Universe Interview Micheline Pitt
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Considered one of the most famous modern pin-ups of today and reference between the Brazilian, Micheline Pitt ‘s retro model and fashion designer. Posing and drawing for companies like Pinup Girl Clothing, one of the major American brands with a focus on clothes for pin-ups, Micheline today dedicated to your own brand, Vixen by Micheline Pitt – “God things is bad girls” (good things to bad girls).

She, who became known after having participated in the American’s Next Top Model, gradually if entering the pin-up photography and has been recognized for having a style vintage horror, which is inspired by old horror films, fetish and rebellion of the years 50 and, mainly, in the old drawings of pulp novel, keeping a sexy stance, however, tough.

Beautiful, stylish and creative, Micheline, which has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram and 80000 more on Facebook, is an inspiration to many girls who adopt this style. Still, she believes that she is a girl like any other: “I don’t think I have something special that separates me from someone. All of us are special. To learn more about American pin-up, read below the exclusive interview granted to the Retro Universe.

Universe Retro-You became better known after having participated in the American’s Next Top Model. How was that experience? Appeared many opportunities after that fact in your life?

Micheline Pitt -Well, I’m still surprised that someone ask about ANTM. Any choice to do this show was a series of unfortunate events. The show is completely controlled by the products and a long script. Is a program of conflicts and dramas. Once you realize this, you can be a cog in the machine, but when you don’t react, they still engages or pushing you until you do as you want it to be.

The reality shows have become a fever in recent years and we all know that. Being a girl of 22 years, I had no idea that it was only a piece of the plot, which was configured to never become any part of the show. It was only to win viewers. I’ve never really sought to become a model after that, this was one of those things that just happen.

There was no chance of any level of the fashion industry until my 30 years until Rick Baker and your wife Scott Baker chose to model for a MAC campaign. That was my biggest opportunity as a model. I don’t know how someone lives and works as a model, unless you have signing something great. This is much like the life of any artist or performer; be prepared to have a real job, until you have the dream job.

Universe Retro-When you realize that your job was vintage and not mainstream?

Micheline Pitt – I collect vintage stuff from when I was 17 years old. I’ve always been surrounded by classic cars of my uncles when I was a kid, and I ended up getting very interested in vintage, but also enjoyed comic books and horror films. So, I always found a way to merge the things I love with the things I do every day.

I knew it wasn’t like a lot of people my age. I painted my hair blond in primary school with pens and often put my Halloween costume to run around the House and at school. I think most of us – that people consider “strange” – we have similar stories and interesting.

We can all become famous, since the internet and the media have made the world a smaller place. We have a real community. We found out that we are not strangers, we’re like a lot of people and we want to have fun keeping up with other interesting lives.

Retro universe – recently launched your own you clothing, Vixen, inspired by the “bad girls” of years 50, in aesthetic and vintage fetish, in which you offer “good things to bad girls ‘. How did the idea to create this brand?

Micheline Pitt – I discovered The Cramps in the primary school, on account of the film the return of the living dead (1985) and I owe a lot of the things that I found and like them. They sang about women that are tough and their machine guns, high heels, tight skirts and horror movies. I mean, there was a lot more things in their music, but I found out a lot more about the world of fetish, pin-up girls and juvenile delinquents for their house.

I always wanted to look like those girls, but had many pictures and clothes that we could find. I have made clothes for myself since the middle of high school, and when I started adult life keep doing what I’ve always done until today. I did things that I wanted to use and things that made me happy. I’ve always tended to create lines and slogans like in the movies.

Retro universe – you are fashion Designer and loves the years 50 and this reflects in their creations. What are your references and inspirations?

Micheline Pitt -most of my inspiration comes from the colors that I like and love, having always revolve around pink, pink, black, white and red. Most of my designs have this aspect of color. I bring things that I collect, taste and love for my designs. Overall my biggest inspirations are: John Willie, Bruce Timm, toys and art of monsters of 60 years and the old drawings of Pulp Novel. I mix all this with my love for vintage Barbies, bad girls and bullet bras (pointy Bras). With Vixen, I try to make things comfortable and affordable, but so you can feel sexy and tough.

Universe Retro-You always contributed Laura Byrner with Pinup Girl Clothing, including the creation of Deadly Dames. Now, that you are dedicated to Vixen, will continue working for Pinup Girl Clothing?

Micheline Pitt – I left the company in March and they are no longer licensed to use my art, name, image or design for the Deadly Dames, even though I have done years ago. However, wish them all the best, but I’m focusing on my creative energy on Vixen, and the new line of denim “Bad Girl Denim”, which will be released soon, and my latest clothing line “Le Femme en Noir”, which I have just announced.

Retro universe – you are an inspiration to many girls who enjoy vintage horror in Brazil. How do you feel, being this inspiration?

Micheline Pitt – is a great compliment to anyone who thinks of me that way, but I’m like anyone else. I’m just a girl, anyone can do what I do, if you want. I don’t think I have something special that separates me from someone. All we are special, we are all inspiráveis and all have special abilities. I am constantly inspired by the women who I know and their stories; We are strong and amazing creatures.

Retro Universe – do you know anything about vintage culture in Brazil or know any pin-up brazilian?

Micheline Pitt – I don’t know any brazilian pin-up or a lot about the vintage culture, unless the Brazilian girls are beautiful and strong, and I can just imagine the clothes on you have a rake better than me! I find it very cool that we all love so much the same things in many parts of the world.

Retro universe – such as pin-ups in Brazil can buy their products?

Micheline Pitt – through my store on Etsy Shop (here). I send the products to the world.

Retro Universe -Leave your message to the Brazilian who admire your work:

Micheline Pitt -taggeiam Me on Instagram, share with me their styles and stories. I would love to learn and see how you live and how you are.