Road Trip - Colonial Cuba

Road Trip – Colonial Cuba

Road trip in Cuba – experience the country’s highlights at your own pace. Feel the charm of Havana, walk in lush nature and feel the sand between your toes on the beautiful beaches!

The adventure begins in the historic city of Havana, Cuba. An exciting big city with 2.2 million inhabitants which, however, feels smaller and is a nice gateway to the country. The whole city is full of life, something that you will notice during a walk along the beautiful streets with remnants and atmosphere from the Spanish colonial era. The bars, restaurants and cafes are buzzing with life and atmosphere with music groups filling the streets and restaurants with dancing music. A Chevrolet from the 50’s or a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of the street crowd moves you to a time when you could expect a meeting with Ernest Hemingway on the next street corner.

After the experiences in Havana, the journey continues by car to the beautiful Viñales valley and the fantastic beaches of Playa Giron. After a few days on the beach, drive on to Cuba’s historic cities of Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara before ending your Cuba adventure back in Havana.

Making a road trip to Cuba is easy according to proexchangerates. Partly because the distances between the various sights are affordable, partly due to the simple road network. In addition, you drive on the right side of the road, just like in Sweden. With that said, you should always be aware that even if there is not much traffic, you can encounter both bicycles and horse-drawn carriages on the highways. Maintenance is a bit neglected and watch out for holes in the pavement. The Cubans are not very good at signage either, but that is only part of the adventure.

Day 1: Departure Sweden and arrival Cuba

Departure from Sweden to Cuba, where you arrive the same day. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your Casa Particular hotel in Havana.

Day 2: Havana, Cuba

You have the day at your disposal to explore charming Havana on your own. The central part of Havana is divided into three smaller districts: Havana Vieja, Centro Havana and Vedado. Vedado is the newest, most expensive and most modern part of Havana. Havana Vieja and Centro Havana date back to the Spanish colonial era. The city offers countless sights and cultural experiences. For example, visit one of the countless interesting museums in Havana, or experience a cabaret in one of the city’s theaters. Later in the day, you meet with a representative from our partner in Cuba and pick up the rental car. This is because you in peace and quiet get all the information, driving instructions, etc. and have the opportunity to ask and plan your “road trip” a little extra.

Day 3: On to Viñales

Viñales is located in the middle of a valley and is surrounded by perhaps the most beautiful nature you can find in Cuba. Surrounded by limestone mountains, you have the opportunity to take a ride through the valley on horseback, where you get to see the famous and lush tobacco plantations that are still managed in the old-fashioned and traditional way.

Day 4-5: Viñales on your own

Great days to enjoy Viñales and the beautiful and quiet surroundings.

Day 6-7: Playa Giron

From Viñales you drive about two hours to Playa Giron, located on the Zapata Peninsula. The place is popular with divers thanks to the crystal clear water and the rich life below the sea surface. There are also plenty of other activities, including the historic Pig Bay is close by.

Day 8: From Playa Giron to Cienfuegos

Also called the “Pearl of the South”. This is a newer town, known for its beautiful coastline and magnificent architecture.

Day 9: Cienfuegos to Trinidad

Trinidad is probably one of Cuba’s most popular cities, and definitely one that should be visited. The city is incredibly nice and can be explored on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage, so you can experience the many beautiful buildings from the colonial era. In addition, Sockermöllornas Dal is a must when you are in Trinidad. It is a large area with about 70 sugar mills, a proof of how important sugar production is for the country’s economy.

Day 10-11: Trinidad

You have wonderful days to explore beautiful Trinidad on your own, swim on the beautiful beaches of Ancon Beach and enjoy one of Cuba’s finest sites.

Day 12: From Trinidad to Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a historic city that offers many monuments and museums, this because it was the first city to be liberated from Batista’s army and dictatorship. You can also visit the Mausoleum, a memorial to the famous revolutionary Che Guevara, who was part of Fidel Castro’s army.

Day 13: Back in Havana

Today you return to Havana, where the car will be returned. You have undoubtedly become a lot richer in experiences, and have really felt Cuba on the pulse. You spend the night in Havana before you drive to the airport the next morning for the return trip to Sweden.

Day 14: Return trip

Transfer to the airport and departure from Havana.

Day 15: Arrival in Sweden

Overnight stays

Eleven nights at a mid-range hotel
Two nights at Casa Particular

Road Trip - Colonial Cuba

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