Road Trip in Mexico

Road Trip in Mexico

Go on an adventure in your own car in Mexico listed on localbusinessexplorer. Here, colorful colonial cities, beautiful nature, impressive Mayan ruins and wonderful chalk-white beaches such as Tulum and Akumal await.

This trip is for you who long to experience the colorful and exciting Mexico on your own in your own car. The overnight stays are pre-booked and we give you travel tips and inspiration on what can be experienced along the way.

After arriving in Cancún, pick up your rental car and drive about 1 hour to the cozy colonial city of Valladolid. Here you have two nights to catch up with the time difference and then drive to Capeche. On the way you pass Mexico’s most famous Mayan ruin; Chichen Itza which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is well worth a visit.

Campeche was one of the most important trading cities during the Spanish colonial era, due to the city’s wealth it was subjected to many pirate attacks over the years. To protect themselves, they therefore built a high city wall and it can still be seen in all its glory. Inside, the houses are renovated and painted in the beautiful pastel colors that characterize the city.

On the way to Campeche you also drive through the Puuc region where you will find many Mayan ruins and we recommend and we recommend a visit to Uxmal. The next stop on the journey is Palenque and its impressive Mayan ruins nestled in the lush rainforest. From the top of the pyramids you get a fantastic view of the area which is actually far from completely excavated yet. After a couple of days in Palenque, you then set course for Bacalar where kayak adventures and horseback riding in the lagoon await.

From here the journey then goes to the Caribbean coast and Tulum. In addition to fantastic beaches and a pleasant atmosphere, there are lots of experiences waiting here. You can visit Tulum’s Mayan ruins, Sian K’aan National Park and swim in the clear cenotes.

From Tulum you drive on to Akumal where you can relax on the chalk white beaches and enjoy the azure sea mixed with even more experiences that Mexico has to offer. You then leave the rental car back at the airport before flying back to Scandinavia.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Mexico

Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Cancún – Valladolid. You land late in the afternoon, pick up your rental car at the airport and then have a two-hour drive to the pleasant colonial city of Valladolid. You can also choose to spend a night in Cancún and pick up the car the next day. Driving time about 2 hours (185 km)

Day 2: On an adventure in Valladolid

Valladolid is a charming Mexican town with colonial houses in beautiful pastel colors and a cozy center. You can relax and enjoy the surroundings or make excursions to Ek ‘Balam or some of the surrounding cents. These cenotes are natural gullies that formed during the last ice age and the underground river systems were both indispensable and sacred to the Inca Indians. Here you can today swim, dive or snorkel in the clear water. ( F )

Day 3: Valladolid – Chichén Itza – Campeche

Apart from the fact that Valladolid is a nice city, it is very well located when you visit Chichen Itza. This fantastic and popular Mayan ruin has almost 4,000 visitors a day and most travel from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, but since you live so close to it, it is easy to get there early and be one of the first visitors of the day. One of the reasons why Chichen Itza is so well visited is that the area is very well preserved and is part of Mexico’s exciting history. The pyramid Kukulkán sits beautifully in the middle of the ruin area and Chichén Itza itself is one of the world’s seven new wonders and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From Chichén Itza you drive on to Mérida which has about 1 million inhabitants and is the largest city in the area. It is the cultural capital here with many museums, galleries and educational institutions. Here is a cozy center with pastel-colored buildings, beautiful churches and a nice square. You can choose to stay here or continue to Campeche. If you drive on, you pass the Puuc region – in Maya, puuc means hill and the terrain here is very hilly and among the hills there are countless Mayan ruins. One of the largest and most beautiful is Uxmal, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List and definitely worth a stop on the way to Campeche. Driving time about 4 hours (340 km) ( World Heritage List and definitely worth a stop on the way to Campeche. Driving time about 4 hours (340 km) ( World Heritage List and definitely worth a stop on the way to Campeche. Driving time about 4 hours (340 km) (F )

Day 4: Experiences in Campeche

In the past, Campeche was the most important trading city in southern Mexico but was subjected to countless pirate attacks. In 1663 another serious attack took place and then the Spanish king decided that a city wall would be built around the whole city. It took a full 50 years before the wall was completed, but then it became over two kilometers long and 8 meters high. In 1999, Campeche was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and not without reason. The city has some of the most beautiful examples of colonial architecture and an exciting history. In recent years, more than 1,600 buildings have been restored and painted, all electricity and telephone lines have been buried. ( F )

Day 5: Campeche – Palenque

From Campeche, the journey continues on winding mountain roads with many bumps towards Palenque. On the way you stop at two beautiful waterfalls. There is of course time to jump in and take a cooling dip. Agua Azul consists of several different waterfalls and is a popular excursion destination, especially on weekends and holidays. There is also a large selection of food and souvenir shops. Misol Ha is located at an altitude of 35 meters and there is a small path you can walk to see the waterfall itself from above. Driving time 5-6 hours (310 km) ( F )

Day 6: Experiences in the Palenque ruins

Deep in the lush rainforest are the spectacular Palenquer ruins that are engulfed by the jungle. You can climb some of the pyramids and get a nice view of the area. You can also visit some of the ruins that have not been cleared at all but still look like they did many, many years ago. You also get the exciting story of the Mayan king Pakal whose tomb has been found here, retold by the local guide. ( F )

Day 7: Palenque – Bacalar

The journey continues towards the Caribbean coast and the fantastic lagoon at Bacalar. This is the longest driving day when you can stop at e.g. Xpujil to experience the city’s beautiful Mayan ruins. If you want to divide the distance into two driving days, we recommend an overnight stay in Calakmul, which is halfway between Palenque and Bacalar. Calakmul is an impressive Mayan ruin located deep in the jungle. Here you can affirm your inner Indiana Jones and go on a journey of discovery between the moss-covered ruins. You can climb the pyramids and get a fantastic view of the area. Right here there are not so many visitors either, which enhances the experience even more. There is also spectacular flora and fauna, if you are lucky you will see toucans, monkeys, tapirs and if you are even more lucky; a jaguar. ( F )

Day 8: Adventure in Bacalar

Bacalar is bubbling with great atmosphere and is truly “off the beaten path” on the Yucatan. You have all day to explore the beautiful lagoon from horseback, in a kayak or on a snorkeling trip. You live in a cozy lagoon resort just a few kilometers from Bacalar itself and the historic Fuerte de San Felipe fort. ( F )

Day 9: Bacalar – Tulum

You continue your road trip to Tulum on the Caribbean coast. Tulum is one of the most popular places on the coastal strip, but despite this, it manages to maintain its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere by bicycle as the most common mode of transport. Driving time about 2.5 hours (210 km) ( F )

Day 10-11: Relaxation and ruins in Tulum

Here in Tulum you can relax by the beach or perhaps make an excursion to Sian Ka’an National Park with its exciting flora and fauna. If you have not been measured on Mayan ruins, there is a very interesting ruin here in Tulum as well which is right by the sea so do not forget swimwear if you go here. There are also many cenotes in the area where you can swim or snorkel. ( F )

Day 12: Tulum – Akumal

Today the trip goes to the last destinations of the trip; the cozy coastal town of Akumal which is perfect for visitors who want to live on the coast but not have too many distractions. In the city you will find restaurants, cafes and dive shops. Take a snorkel and worm and explore life below sea level – here you see lots of sea turtles. Driving time 2.5 hours (242 km) ( F )

Day 13-14: On expeditions in Akumal

Akumal is sun, beach and relaxation and has a completely different pace than the classic tourist resorts on the Yucatan. This is a lot about snorkeling and diving. If you travel in Mexico during the period June to August, it is a good idea to extend the trip a few days and stay on Isla Holboz to look for whale sharks. Akumal is the perfect place to end your tour of Mexico. ( F )

Day 15. Akumal – Cancun – flight to Scandinavia

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Mexico – you drive to the airport and leave the dead door to start the journey home. Time depends on which airline you have chosen to travel with. Driving time about 1.5 hours (92 km) ( F )

Day 16: Homecoming

You land in Scandinavia the next day.

Overnight stays

Fourteen nights in a hotel

Road Trip in Mexico

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