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Saint Kitts and Nevis Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Saint Christopher and Nevis

According to COMPUTERANNALS.COM, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a country located in North America. Saint Christopher and Nevis have no daily newspaper. The largest is the two-day newspaper The Labor Spokesman with about 6,000 copies. in circulation, while the weekly newspaper The Democrat has about 3,000 copies.

Radio and television broadcasts are run by a state-owned company, ZIZ Radio and Television (founded in 1961), but there are also private radio stations. There are 686 radio and 260 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


Saint Kitts and Nevis main historical landmark is the Fort George fortress on Brimstone Hill (243 meters above sea level) which has been called the Caribbean Gibraltar. The national park around Brimstone Hill is included in the UN agency UNESCO World Heritage List.

Each year, starting on Christmas Eve, a week-long carnival with parades, street dances and music is organized. During the carnival, salsa, jazz, calypso and soca are played – a mix of calypso, soul and sometimes pop. An Indian-inspired version is called chutney.

Calypson is often performed by so-called steel bands that play on oil barrels. During the summer, two major music festivals are held, one at Saint Kitts and one at Nevis.

The local craftsmanship is characterized by the proximity to the sea with products made of corals and sea shells. Some wood carvings also occur as well as the manufacture of textiles, including batik fabrics.

Mass Media

Freedom of the press and freedom of expression prevail in Saint Kitts and Nevis and it is usually respected by the authorities. The country has no daily newspaper.

The major political parties have their own weekly newspapers: The Labor Spokesman is published by the country’s largest trade union, which is close to the Labor Party, and the right-wing party PAM’s newspaper is called The Democrat. Other weekly magazines include the independent The St Kitts and Nevis Observer and SKN Leewards Times.

The country’s only television company ZIZ Television is owned by the state and broadcasts both locally produced programs and cable TV. Also on the islands is the state radio company ZIZ Radio as well as a number of privately owned radio stations. Advertising occurs in both TV and radio.

Internet access is good. In 2016, more than three out of four residents were registered as Internet users. Most media has their own web sites. The SKN List news site is not linked to any newspaper.


Percentage of the population using the internet

81 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

148 (2017)

Saint Kitts and Nevis Culture

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