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Saint Lucia Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Saint Lucia

According to ARISTMARKETING.COM, Saint Lucia is a country located in North America.Saint Lucia has no daily newspaper. The voice of St. Lucia (about 5,000 copies) is the largest of the country’s few newspapers.

The Saint Lucia Broadcasting Corporation state broadcasts radio, but there are also commercial radio and religious stations. Three private broadcasters are in charge of the television broadcasts. Saint Lucia also has an expanded cable TV network. There are 742 radio and 365 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


Little Saint Lucia has produced two Nobel laureates. In 1970, economist Arthur Lewis received the Nobel Prize in Economics. 1992 was the time again when author Derek Walcott was awarded the Literature Prize.

Popular cultural life is dominated by a number of festivals spread throughout the year. The festivals reflect the traditions of both Africa and Western Europe. The most common folk dances, including Belair and Konte, originate from the slave era.

Mass Media

Freedom of the press and opinion is inscribed in the constitution and transparency in the media is great. Saint Lucia lacks newspapers.

Two magazines, The Voice and The Star, come out three times a week. In addition, there are some weekly magazines and magazines. Virtually all newspapers are privately owned and have small editions.

There is a state radio company. A national TV network broadcasts information on public sector activities. Other radio and TV channels are privately owned.


Percentage of the population using the internet

51 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

102 (2018)

Saint Lucia Culture

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