Sao Paulo Hosts Vintage Expo

Sao Paulo Hosts Vintage Expo
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Clothes, furniture, souvenirs, accessories, tattoo, musical instruments, concerts with bands,pin-ups , and more will be brought together in a single event, which takes place on 5 December day in Homs Club, next to Brigadeiro subway station in São Paulo.

Sao Paulo Hosts Vintage Expo

According to, with the support of Retro Universe and other prominent brands, will be held the Expo 2015 Vintage, the first edition of the biggest fair of vintage/retro segment of Brazil. A great opportunity for those who have difficulty finding clothes, furniture and decorative pieces referring to the decades of 1920 to 1960, and still have fun with a variety of attractions.
The fair will cover both sectors, since thrift shops-retro clothing and accessories; antique-furniture, decoration and vinyl records; collection objects – souvenirs, photo, video, cinema and radio; Accessories for antigomobilismo (vintage cars); custom bikes (custom motorcycles, Harley-Davidson); tattoo culture (tattoo studios); musical instruments;barber shop; bar, cafeteria and coffee.
Among the attractions, the Pin-Up and Retro Universe columnist, Aurora D’vine, will do a performance with focus in the Revue and the old artistic manifestations; and the girls of the Group Las Sirenas, Burlesque school dance company of São Paulo, are preparing a presentation that involves the charleston of 20 years, the authentic jazz accompanying the swing of the years 30 and 40, in addition to the cabaret jazz, inspired by Broadway musicals as Cabaret, Chicago and Moulin Rouge.

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The stage will also receive rockabillybands, rock ‘n’ roll and blues. Among the already confirmed: Los Breacos, The Rags and Rock Bourbon. And for those who can not stand, there will be basic class of jive. In the range of presentations, the sound is of three DJ’s these experts ´ rhythms: Giuliano Perina (Juks Jive), Rodrigo Navarro and Wagnão Wms(also Retro Universe columnist), all of the Tufts Radio and hair grease.
“The public will be able to enjoy entertainment, fun and, at the same time, consume and purchase products and services on special conditions and opportunities, not to mention the promotions and sweepstakes giveaways,” explains Leamdro Màrck, creator and executive producer of the Expo 2015 and Vintage LMK Studio & productions.
Musician, designer and lover of years 50 and 60, he realized that the market was lacking this type event and that there are many people who identify and seek items of the genre.Then Màrck took the proposal to Jagdeep Pathiraja Rabbit and Jessica Moares, female members of Their solutions and events, who embraced the partnership in search of a comprehensive project and pioneer in Brazil.

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“Our fair will be the most comprehensive in the industry in the country, because an event of this level can only happen abroad, where the vintage/retro scene is already consolidated.We did a thorough research on this market in other countries to offer here a diverse line of products and services. Although there are some “Vintage” Bazaars, the Vintage Expo 2015 project will be unique “, declare the co-chairs.
Liked it? The tickets will be sold only in advance, $25, and are available through the internet ( and in several points of sales all over the State (see list below). Soon we will post more information on the participation of the universe retro and our booth at the event.

Date: 5 December 2015
Time: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Location: Homs Club | Hall
Address: Avenida Paulista, 735-Next to subway Brigadier – São Paulo/SP
Facebook: Tickets
Only in advance, $25.

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Online sales:
Points of sale:
Rockerama Club
Rua Rui Barbosa, 401, Bela Vista-São Paulo
(11) 3262-3061-
Rick And Roll Records
AV. Conde Francisco Matarazzo 85-5 Room-São Caetano do Sul/SP
(11) 2376-8966-
The King Rock Bar
AV. Union of Railwaymen, 2525-Centro-Jundiaí/SP
(11) 2881-0976-
Escola Paulista de Burlesque dance
AV. Lins de Vasconcelos, 2748-Vila Mariana-São Paulo, SP
(11) 5083-0830-
Grapheme Visual Communication
Street Songs of Bem Querer, 04-Village Diva – São Paulo, SP
(11) 3473-6910-
Snoopy Tattoo
Gary Street, 165-Moema-São Paulo, SP
(11) 5641-1740-