Separate Swimsuits: 3 Perfect Combinations

Separate Swimsuits: 3 Perfect Combinations
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The principle of separable swimwear is to be able to choose the top and the bottom of the shirt separately. All shapes are not always available, but we offer 3 ideal combinations of ups and downs that go together very well.

Bandeau twist + shorty de bain

The blindfold has been in fashion for some time, and it remains!It changes the unavoidable triangles, and it is better adapted to certain morphologies.If you have a small chest, a twist headband will be ideal, possibly with push-up effect.

Match it with a beautiful little bathing shorty , half-string half-panties, to emphasize your shapes and stay in the style “bandeau”. The shorty, is not that your thing? Then find a low-waist panty, with a strip of fabric wide enough on the sides.If the fabric is wrinkled, it reminds the folds of the headband and it is perfect!

This combination is to be avoided if you are pretty stout, and to adopt without hesitation if you have shapes to highlight.

Bikini triangles + Brazilian brief

There are many models of swimwear “triangles”. According to bombebikini, the way to tie the top of the swimsuit differs from one to the other.Choose the triangle shape that suits you best.Small triangles connected by strings?Triangles up to the nape of the neck?Rather bricks and frames ?

The triangles are attached with a small knot in the neck and then one in the back: they fit very well with a Brazilian brief, knotted on the sides with small knots.Take the Brazilian underpants more or less indented in the back, to make you feel at ease.

Swimsuit “corset” + waist high panty

What’s more sexy than a corset swimsuit top to properly hold your chest and make a nice neckline appear?It’s vintage and comfortable.From bonnet A to bonnet F, this style of jersey goes to all women.It can stop just below the chest, or descend a little bit on the belly like the beautiful model Sophia Tangerine.

With your 60s swimsuit top, logically choose a high waist pant, and the look will be flawless.Unless the top of the swimsuit is longer.In this case, a classic-fit panties will fit, or a shorty!

Of course, it will be necessary to choose your swimsuit according to your morphology . The interest of separable jerseys and choose what suits you perfectly well up and down. Try several combinations, ask Mirror, my beautiful mirror, and adopt the ideal swimsuit!