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Seychelles Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Seychelles

The Seychelles Nation government agency (circulation: about 3,500 copies) is the only daily newspaper in Seychelles. The press is under state control.

Radio and TV are organized in the independent company Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), which was reorganized in 1992 after being state, but there is also a private radio that broadcasts religious programs. There are 543 radio and 203 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


According to ALLUNITCONVERTERS, music and dance have a prominent role in the Seychelles culture that carries traces from both Africa and Europe and Asia.

A traditional dance and music style is the moutia that originated from the slave era when it gave the opportunity to get out for complaints about harsh living conditions. Sega is a similar style of music and dance that is also found on other islands in the region. Among the most famous musicians are Sonny Morgan, who now lives in Australia. Seychelles music has also taken the impression of, among other things, French pop and folk music, polka, mazurka and country music. Reggae and hip hop have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The Seychelles have a lively artist scene in proportion to their size, with many active artists and sculptors. Most famous is the painter Michael Adams, whose work is largely sold in Europe. Internationally known is the sculptor Ousmane Sow. His most famous work is a sculpture by two Nubian wrestlers, which he made after a photograph taken by the controversial German photographer Leni Riefenstahl.



Seychelles is investing $ 15 million to protect ocean areas

October 30th

Seychelles has raised $ 15 million through so-called blue bonds to protect the marine environment and the country’s fishing waters. A 210,000-square-kilometer sea area must be established, where fishing must be restricted, no oil exploration and other major projects may occur. An American nature conservation group, the Nature Conservancy, paid $ 22 million on the country’s foreign debt in exchange for Seychelles agreeing to protect about a third of its marine areas.


Free Trade Agreement in Africa

21 March

Seychelles is one of 44 countries to sign a Free Trade Agreement at the African Union Summit in Rwanda. The agreement must be ratified at the national level before the AFCFTA free trade area can become a reality, but it is seen as a historically important step towards increased trade exchange within Africa.

Defense agreement with India in jeopardy

March 20

Representatives of the opposition Seychelles Democratic Alliance (Linyon Democracy Seselwa), which controls the National Assembly oppose a defense cooperation with India, according to which the Indian defense would build a military base on one of the outer islands. India wants the base there to better assist merchant vessels in the Indian Ocean. The government wants to push through the agreement, which it believes would strengthen the country’s coastguard work to counter illegal fishing, prevent drug smuggling and fight pirates at sea. Behind the opposition’s opposition to the agreement is a fear that Indian workers will have too much influence over the economy, but also a reluctance for another state to have the right to establish its own military base in Seychelles territory.

Seychelles Culture

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