Short Portrait #17 – Khujo

Short Portrait #17 – Khujo
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In today’s short portrait, I dedicate myself to a German label, which has been playing for a long time in the fashion sector: Khujo. If this is still not a concept, this is not bad, I was up to this portrait also not yet known. But one thing I promise you, after which we have a look at Khujo and their lookbook, you will not forget it so quickly.

As always, in this short portrait, I will start by taking a little look at the history of the company and its development. Afterwards I take a look at the current lookbook of Khujo and try to share my impressions with you. The article is lightened with collages, consisting of the lookbook images of the label. See the photos in full size on this page.

It All Started With A Leather Jacket-The Story Of Khujo

The story behind the Hamburg fashion label reads like a novel.From the outsider of the fashion scene, Tobias Schröder and Khujo rose to become a respected entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Outsider for the reason that Tobias Schröder first earned his rolls as a trained insurance broker before he became the founder and creative director of Khujo.

The company name is also said that this is not a brilliant or extraordinary composition of significant names, cities and co., Which had a direct influence on the label. Quite the contrary, Tobias Schröder first thought about a possible name for his company for weeks, before he decided for a fantasy: Khujo.

For fashion, the trained insurance broker had a certain enthusiasm since childhood, which drove him once again to New York to visit Fashion Week. From one of his trips in the USA he came back so motivated and inspired that he wanted to import and sell sunglasses to Germany. But it came differently.

The demand for sunglasses was rather reserved and did not come up in cool Hamburg. But giving up was not an option for him, when he was often referred to his vintage leather jacket, he knew that this would become a possible business area for him. In Indonesia, he had the first 50 copies of his jacket, which he brought back to Germany in Germany. With the sale of the leather jacket he designed, Tobias began to take Khujo form in 1996, in a small backyard in Hamburg.

From the beginning, he renounced advertising on television or newspaper. Instead, he put on advertising from mouth to mouth, both in the fashion world, and on the street. This helped him become more well-known and strengthen the Khujo stand in the fashion world. Five years after the foundation of his label (2001), he secured the rights to the name of his label and pressed more and more on the European fashion market. In addition to his jacket collection, some more followed, until 2010 his lifestyle collection saw the light of the world.

Well twenty years after the sale of his first vintage leather jacket, Khujo is no longer an outsider in the fashion world. The labels of the label are worn by famous stars such as Til Schweiger. You can not blame him, because the down-to-earth, urban style knows how to please.

And it’s this style that draws through the entire collection, which is also very good when you look at the current lookbook. The three catchphrases: urban, sporty, casual are indicative of the current pieces. On the website of the Fashionlabels itself one can not relate the pieces unfortunately. However, Zalando has a lot of Khujo on offer.

A Look At The Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Lookbook By Khujo

The styles, which I have integrated through the whole contribution are all from the current case/Winter 2015/2016 Lookbook by Khujo. The fall colors are predominantly autumn colors: a lot of red, brown, gray and black as well as blue in different gradations. In my opinion, fits perfectly to the collection as well as to the season.

Khujo covers the Fall/Winter collection with just about everything you need for the cooler days: sweaters, scarves, parkas, cardigans and shirts. Everything not too tight, but rather normal cut. This makes it possible to wear a shirt under the sweaters of the label and layering different garments is possible without problems.

It was especially the knitwear of the Hamburg label, which comes in different forms. So in the current case/Winter Lookbook you will find a selection of knit sweaters and jackets. Some of them are rather minimalistic, sometimes with eye-catching details such as an elaborate scarf collar, coarse knit pattern or an extremely casual, comfortable fit.

My Conclusion To Fashion By Khujo

It is a pity that you always stumble on the big, well-known brands that invest a lot of money in advertising. Such pearls as Khujo canalso shine through their pieces and know how to inspire them.Whether it is simple cuts and designs or a little more striking, on the whole the Fall/Winter 2016 collection appealed to me very much. Therefore the website of the label will certainly be called in the future in order to keep up to date. What do you think of the Hamburger Modelabel?