Style Muse: Natalie Justus

Style Muse: Natalie Justus
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The stylish and friendly Belgian Natalie Justus, who lives in New York since 1997, is modeling agent And recently she re-released your blog, Tales of Endearment, which, according to her, “Tales of love, friendship, vintage themes, music and life.” Deep, but also, I guarantee, full of style, reported by And that style!

I’m a fan of his productions now fun, now super chic. So, she’s our style Muse of the month here on the blog! What I like most is how Natalie having fun with fashion. She knows and knows to value your body, well skinny. Check your styling tricks on some of my favorite looks!

Natalie usually always score their productions with an element of surprise, is the tissue in the head, goofy socks worn with heels, mix of prints and colors. Here, just a small sample of your creativity.

Oh, how I love your moments “chic”! Well cut tailoring pieces that dispense many Add-ons. Always seized with glasses and shoes. I wished the first dress! And you?

And couldn’t a zoom on the details that make all the difference in the look. The mix of prints that she knows so well.

Below, parts of an interview published by W Magazine:

Set your style in three words:sexy, quirky and cute.
Uniform of the day-to-day:high heels and dress.
Favorite shoes:heels.
Finishing touches:Use little bijoux and accessories. I find it uncomfortable and distracted me. I never take my two piercings, Golden and silver in one of the ears. Like to wear golden rings when I want to feel sexy. I also love high heels with SOCKS – my big obsession-in any color! I also have many shades.
Look for night:something short. My last purchase was a model of baby blue fringes. It’s a dream!
Favorite stores:Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble and Bergdorf Goodman.
Style icons:Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss.

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