Sunglasses Line of Giovanna Antonelli

Sunglasses Line of Giovanna Antonelli
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The actress Giovanna Antonelli, who currently plays Deputy tough fashion Heloise, in the novel of 9:00 pm “Salve Jorge”, doesn’t like just fictional life in fashion. In real life, the artist has signed collections in various sectors. Recently, for example, she launched an incredibly sophisticated Polish collection-the Gio Antonelli–in partnership with Speciallità Hits, which was a tremendous success. Now, you’ve just come to the public the sunglasses line of Giovanna Antonelli, in partnership with the already consolidated brand in this sector Triton Eyewear.

Triton By Gio Antonelli

The collection of glasses Giovanna Antonelli is filled with beautiful and sophisticated models, which have everything to do with the style of the actress. There are 29 different models, ranging from retro to modern. Cheats who are thinking that, because it is in the name of the actress, the glasses are intended only to the female audience. Many of the models are unisex, so fall well in women and men, although the photos of the campaign have been made with the own Giovanna Antonelli.

The predominant colours give frames and lenses are Brown and black. But there are also models with the color blue, grey, graphite and rajadinhas frames, in similar tones. The Aviator style is also not sat out with approximately four copies. One of the novelties of the Gio sunglasses Antonelli Triton models that have removable rods. They are great choices for those who want to change the look, without abandoning a particular style of glasses. The sizes of the frames are also varied, but medium and large prevail, giving even more sophistication to your look.

Where To Buy Sunglasses Gio Antonelli

Although it has been recently released, the collection of glasses Triton By Gio Antonelli is already on sale, on the official website of the brand. There, it is possible to know, in detail, all models with your specifications, such as measures or material with which they were made.Who is afraid of buying over the internet also can check out each of the glasses, in the face of his own, which served as a model for them.Triton’s address is The collection promises to suit all tastes and make success in summer and in winter.