Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe

Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe
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After a gabfest with pin-ups like Cherry DollFace (YouTuber), Micheline Pitt (pin-up model and fashion designer) and Miss Rockwell (organizer of the biggest pin-up contest), it’s time to talk with one of the most recognizable models of vintage culture currently: Jasmin Rodriguez, best known comoVintage Vandalizm. Puerto Rican with a unique style, the pin-up is full of curves and what makes a good kitty eyeliner marked as no one, including your registered trademark.
She, who has appeared in Playboy, she worked as a buyer at PinUp Girl Clothing and will be one of the judges of the próximoViva Las Vegas Pin Up Contest, talks a little bit about your day to day and gives tips on how to have your own pin-up style. Check out:
Retro universe – first, we want to know a little more about you and how you started your passion for pin-ups and culture of the years 50.
According to businesscarriers, Vintage Vandalizm-to be honest, I never knew that I was in a particular fashion, until much later, when I realized that all the vintage clothing that I found while garimpava thrift stores were the years 40, 50 and 60. I would direct me naturally to things of those eras. That’s why sometimes. I feel like I’ve been reincarnated (laughs). Dress like pin-up since high school, so I naturally I highlighted since that time, I didn’t even know about the rockabilly subculture.
Retro universe – we can see many beautiful clothes in your Instagram. What are your favorite stores?
Vintage Vandalizm-my current favourite shop is the Buffalo Exchange, because you just never know what treasures you will find there. Other of my favorite stores include: The Pretty Dress Company, Top Vintage, Beacons Closet, Vivienne of Holloway, among others.
Retro universe – we want to know about your career as a model, how it started, how was your experience with Playboy Magazine and how do you feel about influencing several women around the world?
Vintage Vandalizm – I always laugh a bit when people say I’m a model, because that was always just a hobbypara me, to show my personal style and creative. Modeling has always been a secondary thing. It all started when I started my blog in 2008. I thought of it as my daily style that I could share with the world and from there everything just took off.
I contribute with fashion shows, worked closely with some of my favorite designers, modeled to some, and have collaborated with brands since then. I never thought I would be modeling for Playboy, but it was certainly on my list. So I guess it worked. They were super sweet during the work.
Retro universe – we also want to know about your hair and makeup lessons, your tutorial videos to YouTube and your work as buyer of Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Vintage VandalizmI was a bit nervous about my first official beauty class in New York until we close all the openings. This was a slap for me, that I had to do more. It’s hard to do the tutorials to YouTube, now I’ll be teaching, so this is something that is in the air at the moment.
I no longer work for the Pinup Girl Clothing, because I’m looking for other opportunities, but it was a great experience for someone like me who was experiencing several functions in the fashion industry and wanted to try a different path, in addition to style and marketing.
Retro universenow we need to know of your beauty secrets. How is your routine to keep that perfect curvy body and what products you can’t live without?
Vintage Vandalizm  I just started going to the gym a few weeks ago, so I don’t have much advice to give (laughs). I’m still learning about my body and what works for my skin. I would say, if you wantwaist, just use a belt firmly around your waist to accentuate yourhourglass silhouette.
That’s not a secret, but that’s what I say to all who think I do Tight Lacing (laughs). Nothing against it, but the belt works fine for now. I love Lush products and have been trying to use natural products for my skin. For my make-up I can’t live without my Sephora liquid eyeliner and red lipstick liquid matte. This is my need for years.
Retro – in your universe opinion, what a girl needs to be a pin-up?What are the best tips that you can give to anyone who wants to be a pin-up model professional like you?
To my eyes, any girl can be a pin-up. This was an era that has women of all shapes, colors and sizes from all over the world. I just encourage the pin-ups to make this style of your own way. I don’t follow the rules of vintage fashion. I’m not an elitist vintage.
Look at old photographs, learn about that decade, find all the things you like and embed it in your own style. This way you’re your own unique pin-up. I’d say it’s the best way to make yourself known, simply do things your way. For me, that was easy!
Universe Retroyou have many fans in Brazil, you know somethingvintage, rockabilly culture or pin-up this country?
Vintage VandalizmI had no idea that had fans in Brazil (Hello!), sothis makes me very happy. I didn’t even know there was a subculture in this country and that is definitely something I would love to explore if one day I go visit it!
Universe RetroSend a little love to their Brazilian fans!
Vintage Vandalizm – thank you for the interview Brazil! Continue tolive with joy! < 3