Sydney, Surf and Sand

Sydney, Surf and Sand

Experience the legendary Australian East Coast from Sydney to Cairns on this group trip with other young people from around the world. Transport, guide and overnight stays are included.

This group trip along Australia’s east coast gives you the chance to challenge yourself while experiencing all the highlights along the coast and making new friends for life! Learn more about Australia on themotorcyclers.

Get a real adrenaline rush when you for the first time manage to get up on a surfboard and surf a delicious wave. Experience life in the rugged Australian outback, explore East Coast classics such as the sandy island of Fraser Island and take a yachting trip around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Along the way, there will also be plenty of opportunities to relax on the most exquisite beaches.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia to Sydney

Departure from Scandinavia to Sydney.

Day 2-3: Sydney

After arriving in Sydney, head to your hostel in the city center. Then you have two days to explore the city on your own.

Day 4: Sydney to Barrington Tops

Today begins a 16-day / 15-night adventure along Australia’s legendary east coast. And what better way to get to know the group’s other participants than to go wine tasting in the legendary Hunter Valley. Then the trip goes to Barrington Tops National Park, where we spend the night. It is possible to ride rubber tires down the Barrington River. ( M )

Day 5: Barrington Tops to Surf Camp

In the morning, the trip goes to the surf camp on the Coffs Coast, which includes 90 km of beaches, making it one of the best places in Australia to learn to surf. If you choose to book a surfing lesson to learn to “hang 10”, you can do so this afternoon. If you prefer to be a spectator to other people’s surfing attempts, you can relax at the beach by the beach or take a walk along the beach. ( F , M )

Day 6: Surf Camp to River Camp

Today you will hop in a kayak to explore Solitary Island Marine Park. The goal is a camp by the river, where we spend the night. Along the way there are many opportunities to see lots of wildlife. We can catch fish and crabs that are cooked for supper. ( F , M )

Day 7: River Camp to Byron Bay

The trip today goes to Byron Bay. Along the way we stop in the cozy town of Yamba and take a swim in the Angourie Blue Pool. ( F )

Day 8: Byron Bay

You have all day to explore Byron, relax by the beach, improve your surfing skills, rent a sea kayak or go to the famous hippie village Nimbin.

Day 9: Byron Bay to Rainbow Beach

The journey continues north to Rainbow Beach, where the guide will take you through Headland National Park. In the afternoon we drive on towards Rainbow Beach, the gateway to the world heritage site Fraser Island. ( M )

Day 10-11: Fraser Island

Welcome to Fraser Island World Heritage Site. Your adventure on the famous island begins in the morning, when you are picked up on Rainbow Beach. The ferry takes 10 minutes to the waiting 4×4 car. For the next two days you will be able to see dingos in their natural environment, swim in crystal clear freshwater lakes and explore the island’s unique places. On a clear evening, you can see millions of stars in the black sky, and perhaps you can discover the five stars of the Southern Cross, which are depicted on the Australian flag. Late afternoon day 10 you will return to Rainbow Beach. (day 9: ( L , M ) day 10: ( F , L , M )

Day 12: Rainbow Beach

The day begins with a trip to Tin Can Bay, where you get the chance to experience wild dolphins in the open air. The rest of the day you have for yourself in Rainbow Beach.

Day 13: Rainbow Beach to Cattle station

From Rainbow Beach we drive out into the endless outback. The goal is a cattle station, a giant cattle farm where we are welcomed by the farm’s owners. They will show you the courtyard before you sit down in front of the campfire for a traditional “camp dinner”. Tonight you can choose to sleep in a swag, which is a traditional aussie sleeping bag, or in a cottage in the yard. ( M )

Day 14: Outback cattle station

You are awakened by the chirping of birds, the crackling of the campfire and the smell of breakfast in your nostrils. You have the whole morning on you to help with feeding the animals or to explore the outback on horseback. In the afternoon we travel by night train to Airlie Beach. ( F )

Day 15: Outback to Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Islands

Today we come to Airlie Beach, which is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. Airlie Beach is one of the liveliest cities on the East Coast and offers entertainment of all kinds. Here we take a day cruise around the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. For example, you can choose to sunbathe in the net in the bow of the catamaran, while the clear blue water breaks against the sides of the boat and you slowly glide past the islands. In the morning we come ashore on the Whitsunday Islands’ fascinating 7 km long White Haven Beach, where you can snorkel, swim or relax in the fine silica sand. We’re back in Airlie Beach in the late afternoon, and if you still do not have sea life in your legs you can check out the nightlife. ( L )

Day 16: Airlie Beach to Magnetic Island

You follow the coast to Magnetic Island. 70% of the island is a national park, so there is plenty of wildlife, beautiful nature and delicious beaches. Your guide will take you on a hike to the highest level on the island and will tell you all about the island’s history and its animals.

Day 17: Magnetic Island

You have the whole day to relax by the beach, jump in the pool or explore the island.

Day 18: Magnetic Island to Aboriginal Camp

Today we travel to Tully Gorge National Park. Here awaits a real aborigine experience with traditional food, stories and education about local aborigines, hiking, waterfalls, wildlife and much more. ([M)

Day 19: Aboriginal Camp to Cairns

The morning is spent teaching about Aboriginal culture before we drive to Cairns. We come here late in the afternoon. The journey ends in Cairns, after which you are on your own. ( F )

Day 20: Cairns

Cairns is the hub for trips to the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is one of the world’s seven natural wonders, and is the earth’s largest continuous coral reef. And it is the only living organism that can be seen from space. You will remember the beauty of this magnificent natural area for many years. If you are not hungry for adventure in water, you can instead choose to see it all from above, more precisely a hot air balloon. It is a completely unique experience to slowly rise into the air at dawn and still hover with the wind, and from the air see and hear the day begin. Whatever you fancy, your guide will be happy to help you find the right trip for a separate fee. At the end of the day, everyone in the group meets for a closing dinner.

Day 21: Departure from Cairns

Today the journey goes from Cairns to Scandinavia.

Day 22: Arrival in Scandinavia

Welcome back to Scandinavia with a backpack filled with fantastic experiences and a desire to go back to Australia as soon as possible.

Overnight stays

Sixteen nights in a hostel in a dormitory room
One night in a train
Two nights in a tent
One night in a cattle station

Sydney, Surf and Sand

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