T-Shirts Estonadas Leave the Look Modern and Relaxed

T-Shirts Estonadas Leave the Look Modern and Relaxed
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The estonadas t-shirts, also known as washed t-shirt, has gained strength in the collections of several fashion brands around the world. Appeared first in the male wardrobe, but it’s hard for women, ensuring a bold style and cool.

One of the main features of estonada washing is the vintage that it guarantees to any piece. The difference is that, unlike several retro jerseys estonadas’s proposals, have great urbanappeal. It seems that the shirt came out of the wardrobe of a punk of the years 1980 straight to the streets of the generation of millennials.

How To Use Estonadas T-Shirts:


It’s not because you’re with a shirt estonada you need to give up the elegance and glamour. One of the most practical ways to usewashed t-shirt with class is combine it with value-added parts. The combination of cotton washed with brightness makes an excellent balance. Skirts, jackets and cardigans from paet are great friends of the stone look. A beautiful Silver metallic pleated skirt lift any t-shirt washed.


For men, a simple overlapping coat with tailoring and shirt estonada can create the perfect hi-lo. The more noble look like the fabric of the jacket and more estonada for the shirt, the better the look.


Estonadas t-shirts with prints that hark back to the past makes the vintage even more convincing. No matter with what are combined, since the strength of the look is on top. Choose prints that speak about life in Texas, old, music festivals and sporting events and teams that bring big shows posters rock stars. The tip serves for both men and women.


In over sized modeling, estonada shirt is pure simplicity to women. Depending on the size, can be used with jeans, leggings, shorts or even alone, how to dress. Wash, plus vintage perfume, ensures a visual urban.

The elongated modeling is also a trend among men. For a more interesting, it’s nice to combine shirt with pants tighter, skinny modeling.

Girly Show

As this is an item historically male, the t-shirts may bother those who enjoy the look lady like. But that doesn’t mean you should give up the sets of t-shirt estonada. To make the look more feminine, bet on shirt and skirt combination.

It’s foolproof. Another tip is to tie the end of the t-shirt and create an illusion of cropped, leaving some skin showing. The most radical, can cut the t-shirt. Overall, delicate accessories also make the look more feminine.